Game of the Year 2017: #8 Horizon Zero Dawn

It’s up to us to take care of Earth

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Kribwalker162d ago

i thought a site that Sony helped found would have rated it higher then 8th.....

PS for those wondering

“Polygon launches out of the box with backers in Geico, Sony, and Unilever. ”

gangsta_red162d ago

Strange I always thought Polygon was funded by MS.

I haven't read any of the article but im going to take a wild guess and say Persona 5 will take number one.

Nyxus162d ago

@ gangsta: Persona is nr 6.

UCForce162d ago

After all, you want Horizon Zero Dawn to be outcast and shunned. In the end, the game deserves a spotlight for what is accomplished.

OB1Biker161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

I thought any serious site would have rated it better than #8. How polygon came to be is totally off topic and uninteresting.

UCForce161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

@gangsta_red and @Kribwalker If I want to respect you, it should have been start in first place. But now, it’s no longer there. The only time I agree with people like you in gaming community is where things are get complicated from left and right and middle. About Horizon Zero Dawn, if I have to be honest, yes i was upset that Horizon Zero Dawn hasn’t received many awards like others and been mocked fun by people who doubt GG talent. But in the end, Horizon Zero Dawn deserves something what is accomplished. It create a new community like myself and a new franchise to go even further.

yumi76161d ago

So since we all know your just trying to make Horizon look bad. I'd just like to point out that as of writing this Sony has 3 exclusives in their top ten and Microsoft has 0.

TankCrossing161d ago

"The only time I agree with people like you in gaming community is where things are get complicated from left and right and middle. "


So that's Tuesdays, right?

AspiringProGenji161d ago

“OCT 24, 2012”

This guy 🤦🏼‍♂️

Razzer161d ago

lol....typical kribwalker nonsense. polygon received funding from MS as well. Why do you post so much bullshit?

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Relientk77161d ago

One of the best games I've played this year, and the best new IP this generation.

RpgSama161d ago

I'm not saying it should've won (which it could have), but I find it seriously hard to believe that there are 7 better games this year than Horizon, horizon it's top 5 at least.

Deep-throat161d ago

It's not that hard. There many better games released this year.

madforaday161d ago


You maybe right, but that would've been a great time to literally put your money where you're mouth is. It is easy to say the things you say, ready, there're literally tons of games better than that game.

See super easy but yet I get nothing done though. It sounds like I am lying.

rainslacker161d ago

It's fairly subjective, but I can think of a few games that were still stellar this year to give good competition to Horizon. It's been a pretty good year for gaming.

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Dlaw76161d ago

Being number 8th isn't bad

G20WLY161d ago

No it's good. On closer inspection, Sony has 3 in their top 10, as well. All the more impressive, when you consider MS didn't have any..

Dlaw76161d ago

Playboy I like the game it wznt a jab at the game

London___161d ago

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jojo319161d ago

My guess for top three will be BOTW, Mario, Cuphead. Not sure which order.

frostypants161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Certainly top 4. Some mix of BotW, Mario, HZD, and...I dunno...PUBG? Even though I don't think PUBG should be considered until it hits a v1 release. But HZD should be up there.