Despite Game Awards 2017’s record success, Geoff Keighley doesn’t want it to be gaming’s Oscars

Geoff Keighley had a hunch that this year’s Game Awards would see a bump in viewership, following last year’s successful show. But with legitimately surprising premieres, an explosive viral moment and praised musical performances, The Game Awards 2017 grew by 202 percent — an increase that host Keighley called “off the charts.”

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jlove4life341d ago

F the oscars fares is mvp and im buying his game

Relientk77340d ago

Josef Fares is a legend and hero

"Eff the Oscars"

TheOttomatic91340d ago

Yeah let it be all about gaming and its own thing, don't copy other material.

Persian_Immortal339d ago

BAFTAS= Oscars of gaming, Kojima Awards has to much cringe moments.

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