No More Heroes 2 to get two versions - Gory and mild, both available in Europe

Grasshopper Manufacture's Suda 51 has told Eurogamer that No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, the sequel to his cult Wii action game that was announced yesterday, will release in two versions in Europe, one censored for heavy violence.

"We won't be able to make the same game for all territories," Suda 51 said in interview at the Tokyo Game Show. "For Europe, we're going to release two versions. One extreme version, and one with less violence."

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ape0073542d ago


gore ftw

who's gonna buy mild version

mikeslemonade3542d ago

I want extra hot with jalepenos on the side.

Screw this if this takes away time from the developers.

kwicksandz3542d ago

Even though NMH looked awesome i refused to by the censored version. Bring on the gore!

StephanieBBB3542d ago

I mean there could be an option where you could turn it off and on so there would be no need to release two different games. I bet if your kid is so small that you don't want him to see all the gore he won't be able to find the option for it either.

qface643542d ago

they will get more sales this way its basically what they did when they forced people in europe and japan to get the less gory version now people have a choice its a win for everyone

although i don't see why anyone would want a less gory version to a rated M game

ChickeyCantor3542d ago

M doesn't mean it must have blood in it.
Some people just aren't into blood.

andron6663542d ago

Countries like Germany, Japan and Australia have stricter censors that don't like extreme gore.

jtucker783542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

This will confuse people.

Why can't they build one version with a Violence on off toggle,
or a system that works with your Wii's parental controls so kids can't switch on violence themselves?

Pressing two different versions and two game covers seems like a waste of money to me.

EDIT: although I shouldn't complain. At least Europe is getting a gory version this time! Hurrah!!

LeonSKennedy4Life3542d ago

Because that doesn't work.

Unreal Tournament has always had that option, yet it still only sells to an older audience.

If the option is there, you HAVE to give it a higher rating.

If Super Mario Galaxy had included a "touch Peach inappropriately" option, it wouldn't be rated E...despite the fact that "Everyone" would want to play it.

jtucker783542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

That's not a fantastic example I have to say.
Mario is a very different type of game that sets no presidence for anything adult.

NMH is already a violent game. You are going to be chopping peoples heads off with or without blood.

So if we were to use your analogy it would be like:
One version of Mario where you "touch Peach inappropriately" but it's blurred out and one version where it isn't blurred out.

But I get your point.
Personally I can't see many people wanting to buy a censored No More Heroes.
Everyone will want the violent version even the kids that aren't supposed to have the violent version will want it.

militant073542d ago

the game extreamly classic and boring i got board from it after 2 mission.
Wii sucks though

GFahim3542d ago

so u now think the wii sucks?!

ur a phukin geek/nerd/weirdo man

MK_Red3542d ago

Gore FTW!
But seriously, this will be a great idea for games in general. Just like movie DVDs that have cut version and uncut / uncensored version, games should have normal and unrated versions.

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