Rage Quest Review: or Trying Really Hard Not to Reference Rage Quitting

A review of Rage Quest, the debut title by developer Nicholas Fisher that released in November 2017. Rage Quest is a strategy game that tries to mix elements of real time and turn based strategy, as well as include RPG elements such as a heavy emphasis on plot, and customisation elements such as equipment, abilities, items useable in combat, and personal stats. The game's plot is centred around Zye who's stuck in the internet and needs to find his way back into the real world.

Ultimately, the game mostly tries,but fails a lot. On every level, a certain amount of care is taken to do new things, yet none of it works as implemented. The saddest part about Rage Quest is that it represents wasted opportunity, the big irony being that it'll be around forever on the internet it tries desparately to discredit.

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