The Game Awards Audience Triples to 11.5 Million Livestreams in 2017

This year’s Game Awards saw a more than 200 percent increase in livestreams over last year, with viewers watching about 11.5 million streams during the event, the award show announced today.

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368d ago
cha0sknightmare367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

I enjoyed it. It's far from perfect but I like to have an awards event dedicated to video games, and i'm glad its getting bigger each year.

Darkwatchman367d ago

It was awful. Just like every other year, it was nothing more than a marketing machine. More than half the awards were glossed over with “and the winners for these 4 categories are” and moved on. It’s not even a celebration of games when more than half the categories aren’t even given the respect and time they deserve. They’re just casually passed off so Keighley could keep his investors happy by advertising upcoming games

kevnb367d ago

thats what an award show is. Millions of dollars are spent trying to win the awards in any part of the entertainment industry, its a complete scam.

Darkwatchman367d ago you not watch awards shows held by individual gaming publications? They have entire separate videos or segments for each category instead of just casually stating in a matter of 7 seconds that the winners for these 4-5 categories are blah blah blah and moving on. That’s not a proper awards show

rainslacker367d ago

The Academy Awards actually have hundreds of awards which never get televised....some of them in the video game area.

But you are right, if you aren't going to give them the time they deserve, just have them listed elsewhere. If they aren't important enough to spend time airing the contenders and winners, then why bother having them. If people don't care enough to spend time on it, then keep it to the stuff most people care about. Award shows that drag on aren't entertaining, as evidenced by the Oscars. Everyone just wants to know who the big winners are. All the other awards are just there for people's resume's for people to see if it matters to them.

rainslacker367d ago

I'm all for an awards event, but the presentation of this one is more cringe worthy than entertaining. It'd be easier to take the awards seriously if they didn't try so hard to appear like they were designed by old people who think they understand how kids think. Basically, they need to stop acting like their audience is immature and childish.

I feel if it weren't for the game announcements, no one would really care about this show at all, and to me, game awards should be there to celebrate and recognize what was done over the year, not be a media driven event to hype up the future. Not that I dislike the announcements, just that that's the only real reason i think it gets as much attention as it does.

electricbanshi367d ago

this year was decent, for a while now TGA have been shitty but geof over hyping everything but this one was good.

opinionated367d ago

It was actually better than PSX which was weird.