PUBG Xbox One Version Offers Competitive Advantage Over Xbox One X

The Xbox One has a big advantage over the Xbox One X when it comes to competitive play in PUBG.

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Septic371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

It's basically like playing on PC and setting your graphics (or foliage) settings to low. Except here, the X1 owners don't get the luxury of making that choice 😂

Mind you, better draw distance is very important in this game particularly when a lot of engagements in this game can take place over a considerable distance.

.....i need to set my PC settings to low

MackAshworth371d ago

Discovering another player before they spot you is SO crucial to nabbing that Chicken Dinner. Draw distance is huge!

Cyborgg370d ago Show
369d ago

Exactly, PC gamers are probably laughing since this is really the first time this has happened on a console lol. Pro's play with low draw distance! Well some games have inclusion blocks where the objects would be but this is not one of those games

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XiNatsuDragnel371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

I heard this game frame drops until 10 on preview? If so I'm waiting till full

GameBoyColor370d ago

Yeah the game was already an optimization mess on pc, the fact that they thought to bring it to consoles is laughable.

kevnb369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

here is what its like on a typical pc, nowhere near as bad as on xbox as you can see. Its running really well as long as you have a good cpu as you can see.
or ever a fairly low end machine does ok,

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zivtheawesome370d ago

in the DF video i think they said it could go as low as 4 fps.

WilliamSheridan369d ago

Don't believe that for a second. It rarely drips below 25 in actual gameplay. The loading lobby is a mess, but it's a 100 players loading in. It should be a mess. And the plane drop is slightly stuttery, but not that bad. Once you land it's fine for the actual gameplay...

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Jinger369d ago

Yeah in the queue area and the plane drop off it dips really low, but once you're in the game is settles more in the mid 20's.

If you don't have an X then definitely wait for some more optimization updates.

SierraGuy369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

The CPU is too weak for this type of game. You need something stronger than what's available in the X or 1X. I wouldn't be surprised if this is as good as it gets. I thought it was soooooo easy for the devs to make ports for this console. Apparently optimization is another thing altogether. The X has been maxed out a few weeks after launch and it's quite noticeable.

xsta1ker369d ago

lol look at all the sony fanboy's every pubg article gets a break out of negativity it's like a virus
spreading across n4g... all over an early access game that is not optimized yet same as the pc release
it ran like garbage for 2 months and still has problems.

this is all bias fanboy's crying because it's not on PlayStation yet and who now's for how long.

ps this game will be optimized in the near future on both consoles x1&1x count on it.

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TheColbertinator370d ago

Gee whodathunk? Buy an X or die.

bluefox755370d ago

According to this article it's the opposite. Because of the lower draw distance, it lets you see players hidden in grass at a distance because the grass and terrain isn't close enough to be drawn.

General Shrooms369d ago

apparently you don't read at all

Aenea369d ago

The source of this so called fake news is the same source that has been hyping up the One X like crazy, DigitalFoundry, so can we assume that the rest they wrote and said about the One X is fake news as well? 😜

Bigpappy369d ago

"Hyping up the X"? How, by just showing the difference between it and the pro? The tech is what it is. That's not hype.

freshslicepizza369d ago

It's fake news the console is the most powerful? The developer has a terrible engine even on the PC, so why confuse one game with how powerful the system is when it's been proven time and again that the Xbox X is very powerful.

rainslacker369d ago

LOL. I thought you were saying the person should die, then realized you were saying that you wouldn't achieve much in this game unless you have an X.

You're a lot funnier when I understood you are more a comedy troll than an actual one.:) You don't rank up there with the best of them, but still amusing sometimes.

Anyhow, draw distances should be consistent between the two IMO. I feel that a level playing field is important for MP games....although I don't have enough experience with them to actually know how many games allow for significant variables in draw distance.

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Pantz370d ago

It's all the same to me when I run them over in my buggy on Xbox One X.

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