PUBG performs badly on Xbox One - and X

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is - without question - the biggest game in the world right now, so Microsoft's current console exclusivity for the title is obviously a big deal. Equally without question is that the PC game is notorious for its work-in-progress visuals and wobbly performance. With that in mind, some might say that it's somewhat miraculous that any playable version of PUBG is possible on a console right now. From another perspective though, what's clear is that the current build of the game is a long way short of the standards expected from a polished console release.

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Kribwalker249d ago

good thing its early access. I can’t wait to try it when i get home tonight

Septic249d ago

Looks like it's performing really badly though. Sticking to the PC version

FITgamer249d ago

Sucks for people who bought it day one. With a frame rate that bad it's pretty much unplayable. Especially on the base console. I know I'd be livid.

darthv72249d ago

Is this going to be an Azure supported title for the xbo? Early access or not it seems strange to make people pay for it now. Should be a free to play demo instead of a pay to play demo.

Ciporta1980249d ago

Wait what? Do you even remember the comments you make? Or do you literally forget with 5 mins.

thekhurg249d ago

LOL @ the article that said the xbone x version was the premier go-to version.

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frostypants249d ago

One X has an AMD GPU. PUBG performs like crap on AMD GPUs on PC as well.

bluefox755249d ago

The PC version is a mess, but it's not nearly this bad. This is ugly and terrible performance. But hey, there's always Fortnite, and like they mention in the video, "in terms of the technical elements, it's WAY ahead of this."

nitus10249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

If you have the PC version and have a reasonably decent PC why would you consider getting the game for the XB1s or XB1x unless you have friends on the consoles that you wish to play with?

The developers of PUBG really need to get their game running well on the XBs and XBx since it will be eclipsed by "Fortnite" http://www.gamerevolution.c... which is free to play game in the same genres and has been available since 25th July 2017.

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dantesparda248d ago

"PUBG performs badly on Xbox One - and X"

"Performs badly"?! Thats a understatement! It performs like SH'T!!!

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ProjectVulcan249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

It's supposed to be version 1.0 on PC by the end of this month. Maybe later on console. On PC it took about 5 or 6 months (from initial March pre-release) to improve the performance by a reasonable amount, and it still needs work.

Blueballs take their sweet time to do much with this game. Performance should be a high priority. I do think however they are extremely limited by the console CPUs with this type of open world game. Lots of players on a massive map. Great deal of netcode.

On PC the CPU you use can make a significant difference. This game NEEDS 4 cores and much prefers intel. See a dual core Pentium G4560 which is often enough for running console ports well, fares badly when compared to a quad core i5 7600K. The quad core is literally twice as fast. This is a game built for PC, where the developer is expecting good quad core performance in your machine because that is common.....

Stands to reason that is a major limitation on consoles with CPUs no match for even something like a G4560.

darthv72249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Many are saying that it is coming to the PS4 but I'm not so sure they would really want it if it runs like this on xbo / x. I know its still in development but man... this is just bad.

Maybe they need some help in getting the game to recognize and run on the 8 core cpu. I guess that is why the coalition is helping out with this.

houyi111249d ago

Well your point of cup limited is sounding, however, just one thing, Fortnite. Same engine same concept but already run much much better ahead of PBUG.. any theory on that? In short, I don't blame on xbox'cpu but on the developers. As long as people buying, they are not in the hurry to fix anything.

UltraNova249d ago

Its clearly the devs who are to blame here since Fortnite (same engine) runs flawlessly on consoles. Bluepoint must have been rushed to get the game ready for the holidays. The results are apparent.

Its not only the fps dips to the 20s its the net code performance that hurts the most.

I'm glad its not on ps4 right now, Sony should QA screen the game to bits before approving it.

Father__Merrin248d ago

I agree you need a semi decent CPU for games like this. I think even in next gen it's difficult to pop in even a CPU that's £100 cost into a console

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notachance249d ago

the devs aren't good at optimization, some PC that can run witcher 3 at max setting flawlessly still struggle to reach 60 FPS on PUBG as of today. Back when it was just released it's even more of a hell, even my PC with GTX1070 can only get sub 30 fps back then.

yeahokwhatever249d ago

this doesn't really matter in terms of comparison's sake. its equally as un-optimized on PC and XBOX1/X/S. If anything, its a lot more optimized already on the XBOX compared to the current PC build. The 1X isn't the miracle machine it was hyped up to be. It's significantly slower than a mid-range gaming PC.

Tobse249d ago

Im running the game at 70FPS with a gtx 960 and Intel i7 2600 on mid settings. Your sources are wrong

notachance248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

@nailheadgames my sources are real life cases from me and my friends... we can even play together now if you want

umm lol, you don't think maybe 'mid settings' has something to do with it? all those witcher 3 and pubg examples are on max/high settings.

ClanPsi1249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Stop supporting reverse-paid BETA testing.

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WilliamSheridan249d ago

I have found that it runs pretty well on my X. I have no complaints. Obviously it could be better but it's pretty solid

Zero_Suit_Samus249d ago (Edited 249d ago )


“I have found that it runs pretty well on my X. I have no complaints.”

It doesn’t run well on your X. We all watched the Digital Foundry analysis. There’s no defending this crap. It’s a technical mess. Period.

WilliamSheridan249d ago

Actually if you watched the WHOLE video, you'd see once you land and get past the loading map the game runs mostly 25-30 fps, starting at 30 most of the time

yeahokwhatever249d ago

William, from the video, if you're on foot, and there's only an enemy or two around, and you're in a location where you don't have a long view, yeah. It can possibly reach 30. That isn't "pretty well". That's sad.

WilliamSheridan249d ago

I have the game... I've been playing it... It runs fine. I have an X and no complaints

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Zero_Suit_Samus249d ago (Edited 249d ago )


Xbox One - 4fps
Xbox One X - 14fps

Also calling out this site.

“The frame rate in PUBG on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X remains consistent throughout.”

“it doesn’t suffer from the erratic dips that PUBG’s PC version is known for.”

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Zero_Suit_Samus249d ago (Edited 249d ago )


“good thing its early access. I can’t wait to try it when i get home tonight”

So was Ark. We all see how that turned out. Full release and still a technical disaster. PUBG will be next in line.

JackBNimble248d ago

Ark stability did improve with the full release, but yes it still suffers from frame dips and lag especially around larger bases and to much on screen.

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Aceman18249d ago

I've a question was this the game that was "suppose" to miraculously put X1X on top of both PS4 and Switch? I'm just asking because this game looks like trash. I thought it looked like trash at E3, and why would anyone pay money to play an unfinished game?

Liqu1d249d ago

So is Fortnite and it doesn't run like crap.

Bnet343248d ago

LMAO this game isn't even finished and it's in Game Preview mode. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT. No one paid for this so if it's that bad just wait it out. Not the consoles fault. People want to make news out of the silliest thing no wonder I barely post on here yeesh.

Ron_Danger248d ago

"No one paid for this..."

It's $30

$30 for an alpha of a game that, in order to stay a competitive shooter, needs to optimize to its lowest common denominator: launch Xbox One's.

d4rks1d3248d ago

Don’t let the haters get you down, I’m on the X1S and it perfoms well. No it’s not much of a looker right now but the gameplay is top notch. It’s an absolute blast to play, MS scored when they got the exclusivity for this one.

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Ashlen249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Wow 20 FPS on X and 15 FPS on One.

I'll stick to PC.

Digital Foundry wisely recommends sticking to Fortnite over this mess.

Araragifeels 249d ago

Jesus Christ! People should either wait for the final product or buy the game on PC.

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yeahokwhatever249d ago

why do you have 2 of anything, XMessiah? SLI/CROSSFIRE is on the way out. It hardly improves things anymore. Just get the top dog GPU and then wait a year and get the next top dog.

ILostMyMind249d ago

Maybe the developers should only release the final product instead. Just maybe.

Razzer248d ago

H1Z1? When did Sony sell off SOE again? 2015? What does his have to do with anything?

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alb1899249d ago

calm down when it was released for PC it was worse.

Ashlen249d ago

That's not true at all. I have always been able to maintain near 60 fps and it's always been above 30 that's for sure.

yeahokwhatever249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Same, Ashlen. It's pretty rare for me to drop below 60. When I do, its usually a flashbang that drops me allllllll the way down to 55 for half a second.

248d ago
WilliamSheridan249d ago ShowReplies(9)
SierraGuy249d ago

Lol I called 15 fps on One a few weeks ago as a joke.

DarXyde249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Is this game 4K on One X?

Because if so, they could probably allow some breathing room for the CPU if they dropped the resolution so the hardware isn't trying so hard to render a stable frame rate for a high resolution. If I am correct, it really goes to show that we are far too obsessed with graphics.

Performance first. Always. The game is not very good looking regardless, so I think if you sacrificed native 4K for the sake of a smooth experience, that would be a wise trade-off.

CoryHG248d ago

They can't do that because they can't back up their "native" advertising, even though other third party games are known to run at less.

DarXyde248d ago


Then incorporating options may work. Games like Ni Oh offer lower resolution to run at 60fps. I prefer that. Actually, that WOULDN'T work since it's an online game and you cannot guarantee consistency between players.

But if you're playing with players on base hardware, differences already exist. Organize game lobbies by performance settings, maybe?

DJStotty249d ago

no way is it 20fps on the X lmao. I played 5 games last night with minimal drops in performance on the X other than when parachuting in

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It will buff out after a few patches... hopefully. I know the engine is not very optimized compared to say Frostbite and I don't expect this game even going gold to run @ 4k 60 with PC high settings like Battlefield or Battlefront on X1X, but I sure hope it gets better than this!

Goldby249d ago

its the same engine for Fortnite so it isn't the engines fault. this is the developers not optimizing their own game, it will no doubt improve with patches, but to think this game in its current state was up for a GoTY all ebcause of how many people play the game, not how polished said game is

ProjectVulcan249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Fortnite's map is tiny by comparison, and the colourful cartoon graphics style is most likely that style for a reason. It's much easier to render than the realistic style PUBG is aiming for.

You are right about developer influence, but I will make one key observation. Who develops Fortnite, Epic Games. It's THEIR engine. Unreal Engine 4 is their technology. Stands to reason they will be better at getting it to run efficiently than anyone else in the world.

Blueballs need to do a lot better and expand their technical team to improve the way the games runs on all platforms. I really don't think they expected this success and scrutiny, nor expected the volume of money being thrown at them. So they didn't budget for a massive team to work on it. Now they have a huge userbase demanding improvements fast.

I would say their team needs to grow even further and that takes time to hire the right people, even if you're loaded like they now are.

Goldby249d ago

Hellblade as well as Gears of War is also done through Unreal. Along with countless others.

This is all on the developers. Not the engine

yumi76249d ago


I thought Microsoft had their teams working on this and even sent The Coalition to help optimize this game... So much for that I guess.

ProjectVulcan249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

@ yumi76 Yeah, they do have their special ops tech teams working on this game. The question is how long they have actually been working on it. Obviously they identified how much help it is going to need and Microsoft sent in their fixers. You just better hope they haven't had much time working on it yet because if they have then it's not exactly making the grade despite the effort.

Blueballs just take forever to do anything. Probably be at least 6 months before it resembles a polished release, whether or not the game will still be this popular by then remains to be seen.


Fortnite also looks worse and does not run @ 60fps (Nothing wrong with that) on the X, I was mainly using Frostbite as a benchmark for FPS engines since imo it's one of the best in Graphics, Scale and Performance :)

nowitzki2004249d ago

Same engine... different looking games.. look at fortnite and look at pubg and tell me fortnite looks as good as pubg.

DarXyde249d ago

They got help from Microsoft's first party studios though, so the result is still really surprising.

I'm not convinced it's bad optimization so much as it is bad choices. If your game isn't stable, drop the resolution, Especially as a multiplayer title.

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MecheSlays248d ago

Yeah. its already at native 4k res. Now they just have to iron out the framerate

moegooner88249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

They all talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk, eh. Just a month ago the devs were touting 4K textures and how the X is a beast. Optimise your games next time, and let them do the talking.

NoPeace_Walker249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

It is early access. That is what the early access is for. It Will improve just like Every early access game.

Having said that, I am holding off getting this game until everything improves. I saw 15fps during the opening airplane scene and the framerate is a bit unpredictable right now.

ThinkThink249d ago

I think everyone just assumes that the game has released because people are playing and talking about it. It could be 6 months or more before the game is actually released. Plenty of time to optimize.

ocelot07249d ago

Does Fortnite run this badly on the Xbox One or Xbox One X? As both PUBG and Fortnite are both early access titles and both run on the same engine.

moegooner88249d ago

Early access = charging for a beta. This runs like an alpha build.

Greg2801249d ago

Like every early acces game.. just like Ark and Dayz huh.
Ark still runs like shit on consoles and Dayz is in early acces for over 5 years or something

Its stupid to bring a game like this to consoles when the pc version is not even fully optimized.
Just finish your game before expanding it.

They should learn from Fortnite, that game actually runs good on console

NoPeace_Walker249d ago

"That's not an excuse."

Did you missed the part where I said "ill wait to buy it when things improve"?

The thing it got right on day one though is it is a native 4K game on the X. 👍🏼

So now to improve performance and we are in business.

rainslacker249d ago

Early access or not, you don't hype up your game with something you can't deliver in a reasonable amount of time.

MS said this game is releasing on the X1. To me, a game on console is not early access, as it has to maintain compliance standards, and a game that can't run properly on the console does not meet compliance standards.

Get the game working right, then go and add in all the bonus stuff like 4K textures

yeahokwhatever249d ago

1.0 comes out this month. Not a whole lot of time for your wish to come true.

Kribwalker248d ago


1.0 comes out on the PC this month
the console is running build .5. they said it’s the equivalent to last March on PC