Fallout 4 VR resolution fix is now in steam beta

PC Aficionado: "The Fallout 4 VR release has not gone smooth, with many complaining of blurriness/low resolution. This is due to a bug that linked the game resolution to your desktop resolution. Many fixes have floated around mostly relying on you to upscale your desktop resolution. However, Bethesda have acted very quickly and released a beta fix."

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C-H-E-F363d ago

I wonder if they will make a PSVR version, I mean because Fallout 4 wasn't visually impressive, and they were made Skyrim for PSVR.

Also, I wonder why they did VR in PC when PSVR is the lead selling platform..

Ace_Pheonix363d ago

Uhh, because this game is a struggle for actual gaming machines to run really well. There's no way it'll run on a store bought kiddo toy.

Aggesan363d ago

Don't be bitter. Atleast you got one good game now!

C-H-E-F362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Then explain why Skyrim is on the PSVR and not on PC. I swear you freaking PC gamers are sooo annoying. Ya'll are the Trump administration to gaming. You can't even spell phoenix correct, I guess spelling is your struggle as well.

Ace_Pheonix361d ago


Because some other studio ported it to PSVR as a cash grab, it's not as performance demanding, and even at that has piss poor performance (as expected) and isn't really playable. It's also bought with timed exclusivity so eventually a version worth playing will come out. Not being bitter or annoying, just stating facts. Sorry if facts hurt your feelings. Why would I be bitter? I own a PS4, it does fine playing 1 or 2 exclusives and running Netflix. Making a statement like "PS4 has all the games and PC doesn't" just proves me responding at all is just a waste of my time.