Playing PUBG On Xbox One Is Like Wading Through Some Very Ugly Porridge

Maybe save up for a gaming PC if you really want to get the most out of PUBG.

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TankCrossing164d ago

Yeah but... Console exclusive porridge


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WilliamSheridan164d ago

So, it's actually not that bad. It's an early release and has a few issues, but it runs and a pretty solid frame rate and I expect it to only get better.

isa_scout164d ago

What games are you use to playing if you think this runs fine with a solid framerate. It's fun no doubt, but I've had terrible hiccups and the framerate chugs pretty bad. Maybe you're copy is different than everyone else.... Or you're just not accustomed to playing games that are well optimized.

supermonkeyfox163d ago

Totally agree. Have watched quite a few you tube videos and it looks pretty solid and playable to me. Early access or not, it's great that xbox owners have access to such a great game (it's literally the only game I have been playing over the past few months).

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Zero_Suit_Samus163d ago


“It's an early release and has a few issues, but it runs and a pretty solid frame rate and I expect it to only get better.”

Why do you keep defending this turd? It’s one of the worst unoptimized major games in history.

NoPeace_Walker163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

"20fps is solid?"

For an early access game that came out 2 days ago, it will get better.

The Last Guardian took almost 10 years to make and the final retail code of $60 can also run in the 20s....and it was fine for many people but suddenly people here are just now having issue with a PRE-RELEASE, a work-in-progress $30 title? Laugable.

WilliamSheridan163d ago

My copy is the same as everyone else. And even in the video you can see what I mean. Other than the "lobby" and the drop in, the game pretty much runs 30fps with occasional dips to 28 or so. On X I'm happy, and it hasn't even been given an X Enhanced patch yet, so it's only using a fraction of the GPU

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C-H-E-F164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

it's not a console exclusive, it's TIMED console exclusive. It will be coming to the playstation 4 & ps4 pro

TankCrossing164d ago

Pipe down, you're cramping my style.

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morganfell164d ago

Doesn't matter. It isn't a game changer. I called this months and months ago when the idea of it coming to console surfaced. As I said then, remember when they announced CS GO for consoles and people started with the world domination talk? Yeah that worked out.

This is an EA title with a ton of fake accounts and half the total accounts are from numbers generated in China. Also the devs do not seem to be focusing ion the actual game itself but rather are worrying themselves with the perception of the game.

UCForce164d ago

@morganfell “sigh” Pretty much like Ark Survival Evole which is a complete mess.

343_Guilty_Spark163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

The wording was changed from console launch exclusive of console exclusive. I’m sorry.

G20WLY163d ago

If it came to PlayStation, nobody would buy it. It's unfinished and a mess. Fortnite is better and it's free.

There's too much out there that's better on PlayStation. Why not do what most MP games do and run a frickin' FREE BETA?!

Then, you know, fix and patch as necessary before you charge people money!

Early access is straight up bollocks - you're paying them to test their game, it's madness and it's unhealthy.

bluefox755163d ago

Who cares really? It's pretty much garbage at this point. Fortnite is better, and it's free.

ocelot07163d ago


You are correct sort of. If you look at the xbox one box of PUBG. It says Xbox One Console Exclusive Game Preview Edition. Which is actually correct providing early access version does not arrive on PS4. If the full release does indeed release on PS4. Then the claim on the box still stands as the preview edition was a console exclusive to Xbox.

Jinger163d ago


That is a very dumb and narrow minded view. "Saying that no one would buy it", "we don't want it because we have other games to play" is stupid. Its like the reasoning Sony gave denying EA ACCESS. More options and more games is never a bad thing.

G20WLY163d ago

^lol, Jinger, I can assure you I'm not dumb, nor do I appreciate being called that. Let's try this then:

Nobody wants unfinished or broken games with bad performance.

Is that something you can manage to understand?

SierraGuy163d ago

Sony wouldn't let this unoptimized mess on their console. I'm sure they will figure it out.

Cuzzo63163d ago

Naaaah. They can keep it

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rainslacker163d ago

There seems to be a trend to compare stuff to food nowadays.

TankCrossing163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Indeed. I quite like porridge every now and again, even if some people don't find it pretty :p

rainslacker163d ago

Yeah, it can be tasty, particular when cold outside.

I dunno about wading through it though....seems like it'd get into all the nook and crannies.

TankCrossing163d ago

Its the way it sticks in hair that really causes problems.

Vincent91163d ago

I’ve got this game on PC it’s trash, I prefer Fortnite.

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corroios164d ago

Damn ugly. Omg what were they thinking. This is should be another year being worked

badz149164d ago

it's the most sensible thing to do but why would they do THAT? unoptimized mess or not, people on PC swallowed it RAW, and they are hoping the xbone crowd would do too! that's the upside for them selling under the label "Early Access"! no need to finish their game but rake in the money! I think, it's no coincidence that the abbreviation of it says "EA".

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Kiknyonutz163d ago

That's exactly what they're doing.... It's early access but you all act like it's a v1.0 lol

Codedan163d ago

Have you played the game? It is not anywhere near how bad people are making it out to be. I have played with a crap ton of people, and rarely anyone has issues outside of the game crashing once in a while.

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