Did Microsoft make a mistake paying for PUBG exclusivity?

With an established PC playerbase and console rivals like Fortnite and GTA V, how much is PUBG on the Xbox One actually worth?

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gangsta_red164d ago

So is PUBG only coming to the Xbox. I have read two stories so far saying that this game is now a console exclusive.

And no, it wasn't a mistake for MS to jump on board this game. If anything MS needs to do this more often for their Xbox.

GameCrateEd164d ago

PUBG will remain on PC but is now available on Xbox One as well. It is not planned for any other consoles, because of Microsoft's investment.

GameCrateEd164d ago

"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now marketed as 'console exclusive' on Xbox One" https://www.windowscentral....

WeaseL164d ago

It's only the 'game preview edition' that is exclusive. MS like to play with words

ziggurcat163d ago



MS is still calling it a “console launch exclusive”, which means timed exclusive. It is only exclusive to Xbox during the early access period.

UltraNova163d ago

Here let me help you: When MS refers to a 3rd party game as exclusive they are lying, its on PC as well and most likely on ps4 down the road.

Easy right?

CoryHG163d ago

it's already been confirmed ps4 will be getting at some point.

yumi76163d ago

If your going to write an article at least take the time to do proper research.

Cyborgg163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Why would Sony fans want this game when Fortnite BR is a better game that's free? I would rather for Sony to make a new Socom just like Socom 2 which was a great tactical shooter at the time

ULTp0ltergeist163d ago

I mean from Nioh to Neir Automata and countless others, we should be aware of what this all means by now. So if PUBG becomes successful beyond retail version Microsoft will indeed extend exclusivity deal.

ocelot07163d ago

@WeaseL good spot if it does end up on PS4 yes Microsoft didn't lie but it shows how desperate they can be.

Smokingunz163d ago

Sounds like u also want the game to go the ps4 exclusive machine. The ps4 has enough exclusives for the fans to brag about, let Xbox get one lol

badz149162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

personally I'm against Early Access in the first place. but, if anyone is gladly paying for game development and be beta testers, let them be. but in the case of PUBG, it seems like the only thing that the devs are really hard at work at is raking money from their "Early Access" status. it has been almost a year in Early Access but the game was clearly in alpha, not beta when they first went into Early Access. as of right now, I don't know if the game is already in beta but the improvements were miniscule compared to the amount of money they've made. now, eventhough they aren't even finish with their PC version, they are already hard at work to scam the xbox crowd next! "preview program"...pfft! enjoy getting scammed

162d ago
bluefox755162d ago

@Weasel Right? You'd think everyone would be aware of this by now.

nitus10162d ago


The article is sort of a "maybe".

From the article: "Bluehole is currently "in talks with Sony" about introducing a version for PlayStation following the PC and Xbox releases. It's important to highlight that these are "talks" and nothing may come of them, but considering PUBG's undoubted success over the last few months it's hard to imagine that Sony wouldn't be keen to bring the game to PlayStation."

Basically, don't hold your breath waiting.

Still, if you really do want a "Battle Royal" game then you could try "Fortnite" which is free to play and has been out since 25 July 2017. Of course, there are other BR games as well but you do have to pay for the games that support them such as "GTA5 Smuggler's Run", "H1Z1: King of the Kill" and "The Culling".

indyman77162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

Speech outline:

SPENCER: We will lead the way! We will spearhead SERVICES! And once were down we will demand more SERVICES. We want single player, full story games gone. Unless they are SERVICE games.

Now we have time for questions:
Yes you there, Sir you there what is your question?

Excuse me mister Spencer but does't services mean you will NEVER own a game
and therefor you would be RENTING TO NEVER OWN?
Spencer: err ...mumble mumble......we ran out of time for THAT question, next question!!!

C-H-E-F162d ago


How do you answer someone with 100% false information? lOl

Xbox One build of the game is early access (preview edition), Sony will not allow this crap on their platform, they don't do preview editions (making users buy an unfinished game). If they were to role this game out as a beta (FREE) then it would've been on the PS4 as well, but they were greedy. Microsoft saw the opportunity to bring the game to their console before PS4 (Before the game was actually done being created) and took it, paid them money to have it there first UNFINISHED. The game wasn't schedule to release until next year, the game will be on the PS4 next year as well. Well it should be, however with all of this soup I'm skeptical that it'll release next year.

This aspect of development/release is like crowd funding on the console, pay 30$ to play the game early, they may discount users 30$ for the final product so that they get their full 60$ when it comes out IDK. But this is what Microsoft gets tbh, they deserve all of this soup, they are always cutting corners to get games, instead of making them themselves, they just try to steal games from both platforms... This is why game content wise the xbox will never be as successful as playstation or nintendo

butchertroll162d ago

As long game is in Early Access state, game is exclusive to Xbone. Later will come to PS4

Btw. Game is running like trash on both Xbone consoles, even for a game in Early Access.

PFFT162d ago

Its MS exclusive. All those articles stating otherwise are quite old anything and everything could have happened between then and recently. So yeah till further notice its an MS console exclusive.

ziggurcat162d ago


"Its MS exclusive."

No. It's not. The link I provided above is the most recent information that I found (posted November 6, about a week after the windowscentral "article"), directly from MS, and they say, "PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, one of the most popular online multiplayer games, will be released on the Xbox One BEFORE ANY OTHER CONSOLE."

If something had happened since then, we would have most certainly found out. The only other thing that has surfaced prior to that was MS possibly extending the timed exclusivity period, and nothing more than that.

MakoD162d ago (Edited 162d ago )


At best, at least at this stage its simply a very limited "timed console exclusive". Of course, I am not sure what a "console" is anymore. I would say its either limited to an ecosystem or its not. In this case, this game is not limited to Microsoft's ecosystem ("Microsoft exclusive") as its on Steam at the very least. Basically, they paid for early release, which probably suited the developer just fine since they don't appear capable of releasing on multiple platforms at one time anyone = waste of money. imo

To be honest, I don't understand the popularity of either this or Fortnite, but different strokes for different folks or something like that.

MakoD162d ago

Sony does help pay for the funding but generally they are a partner in the early stages of development. Take Bloodborne since you mentioned it again, Sony actually went to From Software looking to help develop a new IP... Bloodborne didn't even exist at that point. Sony actually bought the IP before it even existed, and they own it and they funded the development on Day 1 and really co-developed it with JapanStudios.

There is nothing wrong necessarily with buying IPs, but at some point, if you don't have the internal game studios to push your own IPs - you are either going to have to pay too much or pay for some bad titles... or both. I don't see what MS did with Halo/Gears as the same as what they are doing with PUBG, they are trying to put the appearance that they are investing in games but anyone can see they are not.

Microsoft is not going to give Phil 100s of millions or billions to replace all the game studios they have shutdown since 2007, the list is massive... what would be the point? Even, if they did... it would take 3-7 years before you even see those products running as that is the development time on games, generally. If you are a Xbox gamer and plan on staying on board, you better prepare yourself for this future - this future has already been here for a few years, it isn't going to get better.

Look, I owned a original Xbox and Xbox 360 on launch day... I ditched Nintendo after the Gamecube (piece of crap) and never was on into Sony at that time. What scared me in 2007-2010 was all the game studios MS was shutting down, you are no only starting to experience this. The Xbox One fiasco in 2013 - it became painfully obvious this was not going to work.

Xbox as a console really doesn't exist anymore - welcome to Xbox as a service.

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Sciurus_vulgaris164d ago

I don’t like the fact that MS (and others) pay for console exclusives, especially when said company won’t own the game they’re funding. I don’t know how much MS paid for PUBG, but I assume it was in the 10s of millions. AAA games cost 20-50 Million plus to develop, and MS has been criticized for its lack of AAA content compared to Sony. I think money would be better spent investing into owned projects, buy a game like PUBG will likely be successful on Xbox.

CoryHG163d ago

BTW what's sad is this might be an exclusive but it's only exclusive b/c they bought the rights to it. This isn't a developer developing a first party title for the system.See God of War.

163d ago
jojo319162d ago

I see nothing wrong with paid exclusives. You're basically paying someone to make you a sandwich, as opposed to hiring someone onto your payroll to make sandwiches. It's simply a question of less risk.

DogJosha162d ago

@JoJo M$ isn't paying for the game to exist. They are paying for the game to not exist on PS4. There is a huge difference.

@gangsta No... they should be in the business of creating games, not limiting them. For example, Sony approached From with the idea to create Bloodborne, making a new game that would otherwise not exist. Another example was when M$ financed Titanfall, since I believe they didn't have the finances to finish the game. These types of scenarios promote the creation of games. What M$ did with PUBG just hurts the industry as a whole, and does nothing to fix the Xbox One's problem.

Before you get all fanboy on me, I am not making a claim that this is limited to M$. All of them pull this. It is an unwelcome practice no matter who the company is.

MattE162d ago

Hold on, hold on Lol.. Sony have paid for almost half of the exclusive games these PS fanboys tout (2nd party) so not sure I understand what you guys are on with?

Only a problem when MS try something?

@Feldman Only an exclusive because MS paid for it..

Well that's how it works.. that's how PS fans have exclusives like Bloodbourne, SFV, Nier etc.. right?

DogJosha162d ago

Do you read? It is a problem when any of them do it. However, your examples are bad. Sony created Bloodborne and paid From to help them. It sounded like SFV was a financial issue for Capcom, so it isn't guaranteed it would exist without Sony's finances. Finally, Nier isn't even exclusive so no clue where you were going with that one.

Also where do you get your statistics that Sony pays for half of their exclusives?

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ziggurcat163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

This is directly from MS:

“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, one of the most popular online multiplayer games, will be released on the Xbox One before any other console.

The multiplayer online battle royale will still be available to play on Windows 10 PC, but will be a console launch exclusive to Xbox. It will also be enhanced for the Xbox One X, which is out on November 7, with HDR support.”

Edit: you also have Chang Han Kim, on the same day that the windowscentral article popped up calling it a “console launch exclusive through the Xbox Game Preview program”:

Seafort163d ago

PUBG was a PC exclusive on Steam for months before Microsoft bought the console launch exclusivity.

MS are only getting involved with the game because its sold so well on PC and they want a piece of the action.

The only platform the game actually belongs on is PC and not the consoles. We are seeing now why with the abysmal performance and low textures on Xbox One and X.

fiveby9163d ago

Well exclusivity deals are not inherently bad but given MS's current state of 1st party, I would have preferred they spend their capital on studios they own. I don't think the PUBG timed exclusivity for consoles helps MS very much at all.

morganfell163d ago

Yes it was a waste of cash because PUBG will not make a dent in consoles any more than we saw with CS:GO.

gangsta_red163d ago

Yes, if gamers played sales you may have a point.

But if you just play games and are interested in just that then no, not a waste at all.

Thatguy-310163d ago

I wouldn't call investing on a preview game that hardly works on your platform a smart investment. The game came out and there is no hype surrounding it. curious to see its sold numbers on next npd. The point of investing on third party deals is to invest on Ips that would sale the platform which pubg is falling to do with the Xbox.

xX-oldboy-Xx163d ago ShowReplies(1)

Exactly! The down votes are strong right now lol, the game will run better when it's better optimized and yes it was a great investment as this game is already selling like hot cakes on PC

gangsta_red163d ago

The thing is, optimizations, patches and clean ups are new concepts when it comes to games.

No one here is use to framerate issues, slow loadings, crashes and freezes and other problems when games are first release.

This is why we have so many comments confused and angry about PUBG. It's understandable though.


Yep, if you game on PC then or play any other early access games like ARK then you know it only gets better, especially with back funding from someone like MS.

_-EDMIX-_163d ago

"And no, it wasn't a mistake for MS to jump on board this game."


That is the key you are missing. You merely make a statement, yet never explain the why.

I feel its a mistake BECAUSE, that money should be spent on actually building their studios internally, I don't know about you, but paying for Tomb Raider, didn't help MS. So MS is paying to give you a game, you are already going to get? Its not as if Tomb Raider was never coming to XONE, same applies to PUBG.

Second, I feel this is a mistake BECAUSE MS doesn't own the IP, they don't own the studio.......sooooo they are basically paying to delay a game on another system, how does that help you in the long run?

So....its either a brand new IP that is exclusive to MS for a lifetime, vs you delayed a game on PS4 for 6 months to a year....

When that deal is done, we will all have PUBG, just like we all had Tomb Raider, just like we all had Bioshock, just like we all had Dead Rising 4, but when that deal is done, you don't have a new IP.

I'm sorry but paying to delay doesn't build MS game studios. I feel its a wasted investment and could be spent better. Why should I buy a XONE, for a game on PC, for a game already coming to PS4?

Sounds like money wasted to me.

gangsta_red162d ago

So it has to be either or? How come they can't grab this game AND spend money building studios?

And if we're not seeing them spending money money on studios then they should be absolutely trying to get games that have a following and are popular for their system.

And we (at least I don't) don't know the what MS paid to get this game to appear on Xbox first but that cost may not nearly be more than what it would be to build a new studio and keep running for an extremely long time.

Paying for timed exclusives is nothing new as every company does it, why should I pay for SFV when I can get it for PC? Why should I pay for Destiny's DLC when it will come to Xbox and PC later? See, this argument can go both ways but it really isn't the point because one, not everyone owns a PC, two not everyone has multiple consoles and three we really don't know how long this will be exclusive to Xbox and by the time it does come to PS4 it may have passed it's point of interest as many here thought the same of Tomb Raider.

"I feel its a wasted investment and could be spent better."

But as of now we don't know what else MS has spent money on, and it's pretty strange to think that because of this MS has no money left to do anything else. They nabbed a popular game for their users and that is money well spent.

_-EDMIX-_162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

@gred-no one saying it has to be an either-or the biggest problem Microsoft has is there not really in a position to keep doing this not when they're first party is suffering like it is.

I mean I understand that games get cancelled all the time but you're talking about the cancellation of Fable 4 cancellation scalebound cancellation of the remake of Phantom Dust along with other Studios closing down so I don't really believe the appropriate time to be paying for time to games like Tomb Raider Dead Rising pubg just to name a few , actually makes sense currently.

Trust me I would have no problem if Microsoft is paying for time to games if they actually have their first party in order.

I believe right now their focus needs to be on building their first party.

Sorry but spending money to delay a game doesn't actually give you anything from Microsoft game studios it merely takes money away that could have been spent on an actual real permanent exclusive developed by Microsoft and owned by Microsoft.

So at the end of the day Sony Computer Entertainment or even Nintendo could splurge on third-party deals when they actually have strong consistent first parties in the first place, so trust me something like Street Fighter V was not stopping horizon or days gone or the order or until dawn or ghosts or the entire list of new intellectual properties this publisher has brought out.

That's actually why they're allowed to splurge on something like Street Fighter 5 because they don't have a 1st party problem
When you look at Nintendo you're talking about games like Wonderful 101 arms Splatoon and many more on top of all the other first-party games they brought out over the years so they have no issue with their first party so it means very little for them to pay for something like Bayonetta 3 because they're not hurting that badly in the first party Department.

Soooooo before you want to talk about other Publishers understand that they're able to do that because they don't actually have a problem with their first party studios in the first place.

As of right now it's actually looking like a possibility that Microsoft is going to sell the lease Hardware again....

Trust me that doesn't happen by accident delaying a game on another system is not really going to make people care about your system.

I mean buddy do you really think I'm buying an Xbox one because Bioshock a couple years ago was delayed on another system? 😂😂😂

Buddy trust me people are buying a Nintendo switch for Splatoon.

People are buying a PlayStation 4 for Horizon zero Dawn.

So understand both series are not just going to sell those individual platforms now they're actually going to keep selling other Platforms in the future as that series grows.

gangsta_red162d ago (Edited 162d ago )


"Sorry but spending money to delay a game doesn't actually give you anything from Microsoft game studios it merely takes money away that could have been spent on an actual real permanent exclusive developed by Microsoft and owned by Microsoft."

The flaw in your whole point is you actually have no idea what or how much money MS had to spend. You have no idea how much MS actually spent on PUBG and you have no idea how much more it costs to build a first party studio.

Your whole statement is a either/or, either MS spent money on PUBG or they could have spent it on a first party studio. But you still don't have an idea on what money is allocated to purchase these deals.

Again, if their focus isn't on first party games then they should be going out and getting 3rd party games whether they are timed or not. And grabbing PUBG to appear on Xbox was a good idea judging by how popular the game is.

"I mean buddy do you really think I'm buying an Xbox one because Bioshock a couple years ago was delayed on another system?"

Well buddy, I really don't care what you are doing but the thing is you are not everyone else. Sony and MS still spend money on timed exclusives so somebody is out there who does base their decision on this. *insert lol emojii*

And now people can buy an Xbox to play PUBG and other games that are on the system. Unless you truly think everyone has a PC?

In closing buddy, securing a third party title even if it's for a year or 6 months is still a great deal for Xbox owners who want to play and enjoy the game now. Yes, you can wait until it comes to PS4, but that's exactly what you'll be doing...waiting.

Replying below now...

"that's your problem you keep trying to argue..."

No, I'm not arguing, your the one arguing saying that this money could have been better spent, and yet you have no idea if there is other money being spent elsewhere, you have no clue on what MS's budget is that is specifically used for these deals. You're pretending that MS has nothing left to invest in because of this deal.

As if MS should have passed on a chance to get a game that is popular and has a following and the potential to have a following on Xbox.

"Sorry but playing a game early just cannot be a trade-off to actually losing another game permanently"

Lmao, loosing what game, your always talking in extreme over-exaggerations. Because MS paid for PUBG Xbox owners are now loosing some made up fictional game...and yet Crackdown, Sea of Thieves, Ori 2, State of Decay 2 are slated for next year...exactly what did Xbox owners loose?? A fictional first party studio, so exactly how much did MS spend and would that cost cover a brand new studio and the 4-5 year development of a new game?

_-EDMIX-_162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

@gred- at the end of the day I don't even think it matters that I don't believe they just let them delay the game on another system completely for free.

What a Microsoft is saying is that them selling an Xbox is more important than actually providing their customers games.

You could enjoy the delay but at the end of the day I'm still playing exclusives on top of waiting for pubgs inevitable obvious PlayStation 4 release.

The state of their Studios right now I don't think they should be spending anything on these timed games.

Because to my understanding Microsoft did not pay for pubg to exist on Xbox One They simply paid to delay it somewhere else for all you know this game was always going to be on the Xbox one in the first place which actually means Microsoft spent money to delay a game and not to create one.

That's like saying Sony paid for Battlefront 2 to exist on PlayStation 4 when in reality it was always going to exist on PlayStation 4 anyway and they simply played to delay.

Nice try though bud.

I mean unless you're trying to say that Tomb Raider was suddenly never going to exist on Xbox if it wasn't for Microsoft as if a Tomb Raider even skipped the Xbox in the first place.

The money Microsoft spent the delay Tomb Raider didn't help them.

PlayStation 4 Gamers got Uncharted 4 and Tomb Raider...
Soooo not entirely sure how that even helped you when that money spent only delayed the game and actually resulted in you probably getting less games because they're using their money to delay 😂😂😂

So what did Xbox Gamers lose? I don't know that money probably could have been better spent continuing scalebound development or Fable 4 or Phantom Dust remake the list goes on..

CoinOrc162d ago

Instead of dumping money into an unfinished game that runs terribly, they should have invested in better exclusives.

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MakoD163d ago


Its not genuine, meaning they are investing the time, blood, tears and sweat into it - the product will probably not be as good as it should be as it hasn't been earned - throwing money at this problem doesn't fix it. Microsoft just hasn't invested in IPs from the get go like Nintendo and Sony, if anything they continue to cut internal studios. Buying your way out of a bad hand is one way to go, but I think this strategy continues to fail.

gangsta_red162d ago

Again, I get it, but because of this would you rather have MS not do anything?

If we can't get new games from a first party (as if that matters) then get them from somewhere else. And I'm sorry but blood, sweat and tears doesn't pay the bills, money does. You don't get that hard work from pats on the back, you get that from the 1st and the 15th of each month.

Would I like to see MS build more first party studios, sure. But that takes time, and games from these newly built studios would take up to three or 4 years, so in the meantime why not secure some third party games for their system.

_-EDMIX-_162d ago

Absolutely agreed that's exactly how I see this situation is Microsoft cannot simply spend a little bit of money on a problem that actually takes more money to fix

So something like Splatoon is not simply a few bucks it takes lots of money it's going to take them having an internal studio and a lot of support to get consumers on board but something like Splatoon is going to keep selling Nintendo systems in the future.

Something like Horizon zero Dawn is going to keep selling play stations in the future, but something like Bioshock or lost planet or Dead Rising or anything like that is not going to keep selling an Xbox especially when the series exist on other systems anyway.

So all it is is putting a Band-Aid on a problem that is bigger than a few cuts.

@gred-yeah that's your problem you keep trying to argue they must do this or do nothing at all no one's actually sing for them to do nothing we're actually saying this money needs to be put towards internal support so that way Microsoft games studio is making an intellectual property only owned by Microsoft.

So when you look at something like sea of Thieves that is a game that is going to sell Xbox today and it's going to continue to sell Xboxes tomorrow...

Sooooo we need more of that.

Yes game development actually takes time but at the end of the day delaying a game on another system is only creating this illusion that Microsoft is actually doing anything at the end of the day this game will end up on PlayStation 4 like most of Microsoft timed deals....

I don't know about you but I would rather have Days Gone fully developed and actually exist as opposed to just having Battlefront 2 delayed on Xbox one because the delay of Battlefront 2 does not give me anything I was not already going to get it actually simply remove the existence of days gone.

Sooo enjoy Microsoft spending less money to build Studios and more to delay games.

l'll enjoy pubg when inevitably releases on PlayStation 4 but at least I'm actually going to have exclusives.

Sorry but playing a game early just cannot be a trade-off to actually losing another game permanently

MakoD162d ago

"you rather have MS not do anything?"

At this point, not sure there is anything anyone is going to do at Microsoft.
Spencer really doesn't control any of this, not much can be done... the Xbox division was eaten by the Windows Division 1-2 years ago. There is no longer even a Xbox Store, that was integrated into the Microsoft Store about a year ago... or finished about a year ago.

Basically, all they are trying to do is... keep some existing Xbox customer and transform them into Microsoft Store users so they can sell you UWP apps and take 30%. Xbox is no longer a console, its a "service".

Seriously doubt Microsoft is going to reopen all the internal game studios they have closed over the last decade, as they want to be Apple/Steam not Sony/Nintendo. Which is why you have heard no real announcements. Not much can be done by the Xbox personnel, they are going to have to work with what they have... which isn't much. My guess, slow death.

In the meantime, they'll try and get you Xbox customers to keep buying from the Microsoft store. There really is no Xbox anymore, just hardware running a special version of Windows at this point and you buy all of your stuff from MS Store.

Welcome to "games as a service" model. What can they do? Not much.... unless they scrap the whole Windows as a service model at this point.

sd11162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

It will probably end up on the ps4 either soon after full xbox one launch or within 12 months of full launch. Having said that ms are still negotiating something. It wouldn't surprise me if they spent a stupid amount of money and purchased it like minecraft. But really they should just expand their current studios instead. Time will tell.

_-EDMIX-_162d ago

I mean that would make more sense and would be a better deal

162d ago
Christopher162d ago

IMHO, and I've said this before, it would be a win if MS obtains exclusivity for a reasonable price, likely even better if they bought it out and did for PUBG what they've done for Minecraft. Just imagine Gears/Halo PUBG games.

gangsta_red162d ago

Yes, that would be cool. But would it make the game any more or less enjoyable if it was exclusive?

This (and other points) seem to miss the other comments above yours.

Regardless of if the game is releasing on other platforms later it was still a good idea to grab it now for their user base.

Christopher162d ago

***Yes, that would be cool. But would it make the game any more or less enjoyable if it was exclusive?***

Did you see me say anything about that or close to it? Why are you even asking that question? It makes no sense. Does Nioh being on PS4 and PC only make it better? Is Quantum Break better because it's not on PS4 and Switch? What does that question have to do with anything? My specific point was that by owning the IP Microsoft would have more control and ability to synergize with their existing IPs, but I never said squat about 'more fun' with it just being exclusive.

***Regardless of if the game is releasing on other platforms later it was still a good idea to grab it now for their user base.***

It all depends on how much they spent to do it... Essentially we'll never know. So, just accept it for what it is.

mainman665162d ago

yeah, but player unknown really needs to work on its game code

TechnoGoat162d ago

Considering people are getting refunds for the game already, I'd say it was a mistake.

dantesparda162d ago

"Did Microsoft make a mistake paying for PUBG exclusivity?"

Yup,cuz you couldn't pay me to touch this disgusting mess.

subtenko162d ago

Xbox360 says hello from last gen...

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bobsmith164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

smart I think im only subbed to xbox live no more ps plus to save money went with xbox live to play this so now im getting all 3rd party games on xbox to play online

darthv72164d ago

I did the same. xbox is my online multiplayer platform with playstation is my offline single player platform.

Prubar163d ago

Yup that's what I do. My 1X is used for almost every day and my PS4 and switch are for exclusives.

zuul9018163d ago

People are offended you use xbox as your multiplayer platform. HULK ANGRY, HULK DISAGREE!

NoPeace_Walker163d ago

Great choice. I did the same thing too. I started out this gen with the PS4.

162d ago
CoryHG163d ago

really reaching for your purchase justification aren't you

Rocksteady163d ago

I did the same, I play all mp games on xb1x in my living room tv where it's become the center of my media setup.

I got the pro in the bedroom for sp exlusive games, the psn sub lapsed last month and haven't really felt a need to renew.

Having a blast with PUBG right now tho! Those with elite controllers may want to config your RS to delayed curve rather than the default linear. Helps keep it tigher for aiming down scope but still lets you snap around fast when needed.

The game is janky but addictive. I called in sick with a case of one-more-game syndrome!

It needs polish, I just hope the framerate and random crashes are cleaned up soon.

On the flip side, Sony has their own IP that can offer a similar tactical team oriented experience in socom. Cmon Sony, get a good dev team behind a new entry in that series!

darthv72163d ago

Or they could bring back MAG. But yeah... Socom should make a return at some point.

badz149162d ago

MAG is a testament of Sony's ambition and know how. No other game offer what MAG does. Pity it was for the PS3 which got lot of critism earlier in its lifetime but if MAG is for PS4 and considering how popular the PS4 is, MAG would be HUGE! Pun not intended

Freedomland162d ago

Why the people who have xbox need to tell that they have xbox and xbox live every time they make a comment?

dilbig5163d ago

Did the exact opposite last gen and haven’t looked back

ClanPsi1163d ago

Wouldn't it have been even cheaper to have just not bought an xbox? o_O