White Knight Story press conference screens and videos

Sony Computer Entertainment made a press conference for White Knight Story for the PlayStation 3 at Tokyo Game Show 2008. A new trailer has been unveiled, and also some new details about online mode.
- Create and name your own combinations with the combo system.
- Build up your gauge and transform.
- Create your own unique character (avatar) by setting parameter.
- Players can share the data such as money, items, and level that they took time to earn on both offline and online modes.
- MO quest : Lobby up to 16 players, Quest room up to 4 players for cooperative quests.

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Jok3r3573d ago

Naah, looks worse than Infinte Undiscovery and Star Ocean 4
The game sounds boring too
To bad cuz I LOVE Dark Cloud on PS2

mikeslemonade3573d ago

It looks better than the 360 rpgs which are turn based. Matter of fact if you go back to TGS 2006 the game already looked better than any 360 RPG. It makes Tales of Vesperia look like a cartoon which it is basically is anime. This an action RPG so it's way more impressive. The customization looks way more in depth and judging from what Level 5 did with Dark Cloud they have way more potential. The game seems way more open ended, but of course it's a JRPG so it's going to all end the same way, but the difference is like in Dark Cloud you can travel to different dungeons choose which one you want to complete first. The world map looks way larger, more interesting, and more dense than the 360 rpgs. This is an RPG im genuinely am excited for and I can't say the same for FFXIII or FFXIII verus which doesn't look as dynamic or as large as White Knight Story.

eric1003573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

iu /so4 look like wii games

this one runs at 1080p and has 100 hours gameplay
pathetic xbots. wks is bigger than all games on your platform combined

u will see the havoc it unleashes on 25th december

JOLLY13573d ago

Don't you wish what you said was true?

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Xwow20083573d ago

that,s what we call (next gen jrpg) :)

Lanoire3573d ago

It is also by far the biggest and most anticipated RPG to date on all consoles.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the trailer. So cinematic, so EPIC, so crystal clear sharp, the textures were unbelievable, the art style is JAW DROPPING, the storyline is nothing but EPIC old skool.

Just wow, just wow. No other words to describe this. Just wow.

B-Rein3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Chek out the grapics of this game (as some of you are sayin that the graphics are terrible)

Just incase the embedding dnt wrk

and chek out 3;51 of the vid when his approaching the bridge
looks amazing

Diamondwolf3573d ago

I watched the video, looks very FFXII-ish, not saying that's a bad thing, I enjoyed FFXII but I thought they were going in a different direction.

I still need to see a bit more on this one before I'm day-1 convinced. Still buying/trading for it though :)

Ateanboy3573d ago

This game has LOTS of potential.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually more hyped about THIS game than the upcoming Final Fantasy, FF13... Truly.

B-Rein3572d ago

owh yeh to remind you guys that video is the first BUILD of wkc this video was shown in the early 2007

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TheColbertinator3573d ago

The Monster Hunter aspect will definitely turn a few heads in Japan

MvmntInGrn3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

They have made an RPG with the typical story mode AND an team online mode. The can appeal to SE (and typical JRPG) fans AND Monster Hunter/Western Audiences.

Good move. Recipe for success if done right.

EDIT: lol the audio in that vid is really bad.

Fishy Fingers3573d ago

Sounds really good. Might end up being my first real JRPG purchase. I hope the JPN version support English Subs. Waiting on localisation is a b*tch.

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