The Game Awards 2017: It's Getting Tough To Defend Microsoft

Microsoft fails to hype up its audience more often than not. The Game Awards were full of reveals, trailers, and awesome moments. These are announcements that keep fans happy. Yet, one noticeably absent company at The Game Awards was Microsoft.

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maybelovehate343d ago

Nobody cares about the game awards. Would be a waste to have reveals during that embarrassment of a production.

neolego343d ago

Nobody I think is a broad term. It has it's audience. I think the bigger issue is that the show was filled with Sony (mostly) and Nintendo content while Xbox was barely mentioned. Bottom line is that it's a stage with millions of gamers watching, Microsoft should have shown up in a bigger way.

JaguarEvolved343d ago

just saying its getting difficult to defend microsoft already proves youre a fanat-x. its quite easy to logically look at the situation going on in the gaming community if youre a core gamer that keeps up with gaming news and such. the xbox one is just a waste of time because most people have a computer and all xbox games can be played on a pc with better performance. i know most dont want to upgrade computer because they havent the money or just cant be bothered which i guess is ok and people are free to spend there money whoever they choose but xbox one is just a waste in my opinion as a gamer with a proper pc

Blastoise343d ago (Edited 343d ago )


To be fair Xbox fanboy or not, he's calling them out on their failures.
You can like something and still critique it, that's something a lot of people seem to forget when it comes to gaming.

Perhaps the title could be better though. Something like "Microsofts lack of presence at the game awards was disappointing"? I dunno.

LateNightThirst343d ago


Most gaming PCs on Steam aren't even on par with the One X and now everyone's PC is? Helps to take corporate sack out of your mouth to try and make sense.

Rhythmattic343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Most Xbox owners aren't even on par with the X POWA and now everyone's has a X?
Helps to take corporate Box sack out of your mouth and try not to swallow.
Perspective, Look it up.

UltraNova342d ago


Damn that was brutal!! Well said.

Now everyone has an X...irony maxed out.

G20WLY342d ago

It's refreshing to see an Xbox focused website actually addressing Xbone's shortcomings instead of spinning.

Just giving credit where it's due. The more that do this, the greater the chance they can turn this dire situation around. That means fans too need to speak up and quit defending a situation that ruins their hobby on their preferred platform.

sprinterboy342d ago

That's because Microsoft released shite for most of 2017 exclusive wise, Cup head was well deserved

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yumi76343d ago

And if they don't show anything new and exciting at E3 will you say no one cares about E3 too?

trooper_343d ago

Yea...that's a crap excuse.

Microsoft would have been notuced better if they had a big presence with a new game no one has heard of.

NoPeace_Walker343d ago

Agreed with maybelovehate. 👍🏼

Nyxus343d ago

It had 11 million viewers though.

Redlife2g343d ago

Lol stop kidding yourself. That was a big deal.

Bigpappy343d ago

I fits the narrative. Now everyone loves the game awards. Same broken record, over and over and over: Xbox has no games; no one wands it; hard to defend M$.

Stupid opinion article with someone pretending to be under emotional distress because M$ does have exclusive at an award show. Liar!

UCForce343d ago

Well, if MS haven’t announce Play Anywhere in first play, that would keep people mouth shut about it. But now, there is no true Xbox One Exclusive and most of them are now on PC and they haven’t reveal their hardware sales units yet, I can bet Switch will outsell Xbox One even faster.

Godmars290343d ago

That's exactly what people thought when Square showed off the second newest run of the TR series as Xbox exclusive...

DrumBeat343d ago

It's true, nobody cares about silly awards, but we DO care about games. I love my Xbox, but I'm starting to get annoyed by what it is and what it isn't. Microsoft, you need to make exclusives. Now. Even though the annuals and third party dominate, people look for special games, which Microsoft has none of.

Honestly, this is bad, and Microsoft needs to catch up. Let's see some gems, MS.


Yup! Understandable, when you have no horse on the race you need to... Not care about the race!

gamer7804343d ago

its one of the biggest events for the community to watch now other than the big trade shows. Microsoft should have been there to support it.

deafdani343d ago

Millions of people watch the Game Awards, and the main reason they watch it is game reveals.

subtenko342d ago

The game awards is bigger than xbox's E3 conference dude

rainslacker342d ago

"nobody" cares about the game awards, but I'm sure that people care about reveals. MS hasn't had the many new game reveals for a couple years now.

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343d ago
sammarshall102343d ago

2017 has been pretty bad for Microsoft, 2018 is already looking way better

Sony's 2018 is jam packed with great games

yumi76343d ago

How is 2018 looking better for Microsoft? They had three games lined up one of them Crackdown got delayed until 2018. In 2018 they have three games including Crackdown.

sammarshall102343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Well let's see this year Microsoft released Halo Wars 2, Forza 7, and Cuphead, Pubg is probably timed exclusive

Next year Microsoft is releasing Forza Horizon 4, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Ori and the Blind Forest 2, and Sea of Thieves

I think it's fair to say that their 2018 lineup looks better than their 2017 lineup

Liqu1d343d ago

Microsoft released HW2 and Forza. Cuphead and Pubg are multiplatform games, they aren't exclusive to Microsofts ecosystem.

sammarshall102343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

@Liquid he asked me how is Microsoft's 2018 lineup better than their 2017 lineup :) those are Microsoft games that aren't on the PS4

Like Nier: Automata isn't on Xbox

I do 99% of my gaming on PS4 but I'm not going to act like Microsoft has nothing for next year. I will probably buy some of their games

yumi76343d ago

Forza Horizon hasn't even been announced yet, and State of Decay is certainly not guaranteed to release next year same with Ori.

sammarshall102343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

@Yumi76 Forza is an annual series, a forza game releases every year. The mainline game releases followed by the Horizon series we know it's coming next year

Going by what Spencer said about being done announcing games too early you can bet on Ori 2 being released next year especially seeing how the 1st one was released in 2015

fathertime4464343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

How are cuphead and pubg not exclusive to Microsoft ecosystem? Neither are on ps4 or switch! Don't say pc because that is part of their ecosystem.

morganfell343d ago (Edited 343d ago )


I have HW2 on PC and the last time I checked Forza 7 is also on PC. Both multiplatform games. The titles MS does have coming are all multiplatform. HALO 6 when it arrives this year or the next? Multiplatform. Crackdown 3? Multiplatform.

Now MS supporters are moving to their fall back position where it isn't about the Xbox console anymore but instead concerns Microsoft the publisher.

Play anywhere, right? Translation? Play somewhere else.

And this:

"The Game Awards 2017: It's Getting Tough To Defend Microsoft"

Tell that to because they are still trying to ice skate uphill.

Godmars290343d ago (Edited 343d ago )


If you exclude that much of the 2018 lineup was suppose to come out in 2017. If not earlier.

And did I miss a S/ in your first comment?

fathertime4464343d ago

They're multiplatform, but still only on Microsoft platforms. When will y'all learn that they're Microsoft games on Microsoft platforms.
Same games come out on ps3 as on vita and ps4 and y'all double standard having a$$'s still call that console exclusives when in reality they're really multiplatform.

I think what's really going on here is that people are just upset that Microsoft has stock in the 2 most powerful platforms xox one x and pc. Microsoft doesn't have a 5" screen handheld, they have a 18" 4k touchscreen in laptop with better battery life, control options, and graphics.
Now I know I'm going to get all the disagrees in the world, but honestly I'm sick of these fan boy comments. Pc is better, Microsoft has no exclusives, Sony is the best. Technically Microsoft's pc line has the best graphics and exclusives, Sony has some great exclusives, Nintendo has some great exclusives, and Microsoft's Xbox has some great exclusives. Yes you can get Microsoft games on both pc and Xbox, however Sony platforms share games and same goes for Nintendo. What Microsoft can't do it? Why because a bunch arm chair businessmen and arm chair developers say so. Grow up, you'd be further in life if you didn't stick to one think. What a company should go broke to appease a bunch of egos? I don't think so

Automatic79343d ago

Stop spreading lies @yumi76

Xbox has the following coming in 2018

Sea of Thieves
Black Desert Online
The Artful Escape
The Last Night
Deep Rock Galactic
Robotron X
State of Decay 2
Crackdown 3
Full Metal Furies
Task Force
Ori and The Blind Forest 2 Will of the Wisp
Day Z

LandoCalrissiano343d ago

Many games are getting delayed in 2018. Ubisoft is delaying 3 of them.

Septic343d ago

Ok apparently PubG and Cuphead are available on PS the way some people are posting. But Nier and nioH are exclusives yeah! 😂

Goldby342d ago

"fathertime446415h ago(Edited 15h ago)
How are cuphead and pubg not exclusive to Microsoft ecosystem? Neither are on ps4 or switch! Don't say pc because that is part of their ecosystem."

Steam isn't a Microsoft Platform, but Windows 10 is.

when people state that a game available on PC and isn't exclusive to MS, they are talking about Steam, GoG and other non Windows storefronts.

morganfell342d ago

No fathertime, the PC isn't necessarily a Microsoft platform. Redmond does not own and control it. You are confusing the hardware with a piece of software that runs on the hardware.

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_-EDMIX-_343d ago

I don't know if I agree with that I would say next year looks just as boring as this year.

This is easily one of the worst generations for Microsoft I have no clue exactly what's going on at their company but it's very clear they did not properly prepare for this generation because we cannot be going on several years waiting for something to be announced...

Just to put this into perspective Horizon zero Dawn was being developed in 2011.

The Order 1886 started development in 2010.

So can someone please explain to me exactly what Microsoft was doing last generation to actually really prepare for this generation?

Their reaction very much sounds like they got caught off guard and they probably were banking on selling their DRM services and never believed they would have to get rid of it as that sounds like that was the revenue stream they were hoping for. So the way I'm seeing it is that they probably did not invest in a bunch of new intellectual properties because they probably believe they weren't going to need them.

So at the end of the day if you really want to know the truth about Microsoft it's right in your face they very much didn't do Jack the years leading up to this generation.

Yet Sony and Nintendo clearly already prepared deep for the generation ahead.

Horizon zero Dawn was not simply a gut reaction, Xenoblade 2 was not simply a random creation it is very clear both of these Publishers prepared for a long time for the start of their Generations.

So what exactly was Microsoft really preparing to do?

So the way I see it for this company really deserves to be in last place this generation that would be like us rewarding Activision for only making Call of Duty for the entire generation but for god sakes even they made destiny.

sammarshall102343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

They were doing good with a steady flow of games up until this year, the delays hit them hard

We already know Forza Horizon gets way more love than Forza Motorsport so that's already an improvement for 2018 when Forza Horizon 4 releases

A lot of people consider Forza Horizon 3 the best racing game

Then there's Cuphead which is one of the better games

Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, and Ori 2 > Halo Wars 2 unless you really love strategy games lol

I really don't see how you can say 2018 looks the same as 2017 or worse

_-EDMIX-_343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

@samm-but the end of the day the games that you're mentioning are for the most part the same series we saw from previous generations so saying something like Forza Halo gears Crackdown or anything like that is not really going to change how people are viewing this publisher this generation I'd argue that's exactly the problem with what's been happening with them.

I mean trust me I'm sure we're going to get Forza Halo 6 Crackdown what have you next year but like I said that's sort of the problem is that that is all we're actually getting from this publisher in terms of big AAA releases.

So yes 2018 is very much looking like exactly what their previous years looked like.

Here is a list of the same intellectual properties you just saw several years ago and last generation and even the generation before that.

So my issues are not with their delays because it happens in gaming my issue is not even the number of games being released, my issue is that we're literally seeing some of the exact same intellectual properties we just saw the previous generation from this company.

When Microsoft came out with the 360 they came out guns blazing and you saw so much effort put into their first party from the return of Perfect Dark to new intellectual properties like Gears of War II even Microsoft making a deal with Mass Effect series..

Slowly you begin to see that unravel as I believe they were just too loose with those deals. It seems like there was more money spent to create the illusion of exclusivity then to actually really invest in their first party.

So you saw money being spent on stuff like Dead Rising Lost Planet Oblivion Splinter Cell just to name a few, I actually believe the money they should have really used was too by BioWare and actually really own the Mass Effect intellectual property instead we saw Microsoft spend money on a game they did not own on a team they did not own only to have Electronic Arts come in and scoop them up no problem.

So basically Microsoft spent tons of money to Market and develop a game so Electronic Arts could buy them.

I'm sorry but that's one of those extremely stupid move that results in a company's scrambling to fill in a lineup. Their decision to knowingly fund a game they did not own on top of a team that they did not own even full well knowing that it was supposed to be a Trilogy is one of the reasons why I questioned Microsoft's real intentions because if they're in it for the long haul there should have been no reason that they didn't purchase BioWare.

It just sounded like they wanted to be cheap greedy and have their cake and eat it too.

They played with fire and got burned in since then it has just been an entire decade of this company either losing teams paying for timed exclusivity in struggling to maintain even a subpar lineup.

I'm sorry buddy but the money that used to fund and published Tomb Raider should have just went to creating a new intellectual property because you could get people to buy your system by tricking them a couple of times but at the end of the day that's not really going to help you in the long run.

I mean put it this way how many people do you really believe are buying an Xbox because they believe Bioshock is going to be exclusive to it?

I mean how many Xboxes are being sold because of Elder Scrolls?

So this behavior is not giving me much trust that this company can really do much and it sounds like we might have to wait till next Generation to actually really see them develop something brand new and interesting.

houyi111343d ago

At this point, at least to me, it doesn't matter if Microsoft 2018's lineup is a little better than 2017's. I actually agree with you that 2018 they have more console exclusive games in numbers (if they all get released), but the list is still piss poor and really doesn't improve much. Like, what really changes if they indeed release crackdown in 2017, 2017 would still be bad for them. I would say 2018 is even worse for MS since the exclusive games gap is only going to get bigger compared to Sony and Nintendo.

ninsigma342d ago

I agree that next year looks better for their software output but there are still very few games we know about. Of course there's e3 but that's half way through next year before they announce anymore. So I think they'd need to release the games we know about thus far in the first half of the year and then their 2nd half games can be announced at e3 and this will allow them to have a steady stream of games throughout the year which would be great (assuming they actually have games to announce for 2nd half besides FH4 of course). Only other thing for me is the games we know about still just aren't that interesting. Ori will be incredible and I'm majorly excited for that as the first is one of the best games this gen imo. The others however just look rubbish to me and I don't see that much hype surrounding them. Even hype for crackdown has died down.

Hopefully they manage to pull it out of the bag. A competitive Microsoft is good for everyone. Start of this gen they were doing really well on the games front so fingers crossed that happens again.

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chrisx343d ago

Lol the writer needs to come here on n4g and meet da x defenders. We all know them

Zero_Suit_Samus343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

“Lol the writer needs to come here on n4g and meet da x defenders. We all know them”

Not many left at this point. Their army is weak. The smart Xbox fans already moved to Playstation.

PlayStation just keeps thriving. Jack Tretton left and Andrew House will be departing soon as new talent are stepping up. You just can’t get rid of the 3 stooges running Xbox. Phil, Major Nelson, and, Greenberg. That’s one problem.

Xbox has gotten much worse since launch. All you’ve got is a new console. There’s less games than ever.

AmUnRa342d ago

No thats not true, whe have more games than ever, i mean look at all the xbox360 games i can play on my XboxOne (X).... o wait😉

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