Game Focus: SingStar Pop Vol.2 Review

Game Focus writes: "After reviewing SingStar 90's and SingStar PS3 in the last 6 months, reviewing SingStar Pop Vol.2 isn't a hard task since it's basically the same game only with different tracks but I realized this isn't the best compilation of SingStar songs. Is it because we've been saturated with too much PS2 SingStar games? Is it because I can't download and choose my own songs? "


* Simple interface and easy gameplay
* Microphones respond well to game mechanics
* Better tracks than Volume One
* Good pricing for the software-only version
* Great party game


* Only 30 tracks, not all of them are fun to sing
* No compatibility with other microphones
* Complete pack is a bit expensive for first-time buyers
* Some songs aren't that "cool" for partying

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