Game Focus: War World Review

Game Focus writes: "One of the best original Xbox games for Xbox Live was Mech Assault, a game that we played over and over again until something better called Halo 2 came along. When War World was announced for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live I had visions of a similar game with massive battles, big fun and some depth. Now the game has hit Xbox Live and the big question is, did the developers hit a home run or fail all together?"


+ Good graphics for an Xbox Live title
+ Mechs are well designed
+ Mutliplayer has potential


- No real single player mode
- Game really needs destructible terrain
- Mech's constantly get hung up and stuck on the terrain and levels
- AI is extremely dumb
- 3rd person only
- Plays a bit to fast for mechs, they do not feel like huge mechanized robots weighing thousands of tons
- Audio is not very good
- Multiplayer feels like a lame attempt at Unreal Tournament
- PC Version is way better
- Why can we not customize our Mechs?

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