PalyerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox One X Gameplay

If you’re wondering on how the strongest console on Earth can handle PUBG then this video may come in handy.
It’s still in Preview Access phase so visible animation drops hopefully will be eliminated. How do you like the game presentation so far?

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theXtReMe1371d ago (Edited 371d ago )


Septic371d ago

After playing this at 60fps I cant hack this running at 30fps.

ProjectVulcan371d ago

When it runs 30FPS. It's well below that in the lobby, dropping and landing. Shores up after if you are in the middle of nowhere and by yourself. This is much of the game but the crucial parts are when you face off and have to fight.

Anywhere with a couple players like the school or a bigger town the frame rate is woefully shonky both on Xbox One X and the base Xbox One. It needs serious, heavy duty and major work on the game performance. I can't help but think the CPU isn't up to the job no matter what they do.

Septic371d ago

Oh wow, that sounds shoddy. And I thought the PC optimisation was poor.

Well steering well clear of this one in any event on console. I've got the PC version anyway.

rakentaja371d ago

Most of time game even cannot hold its 30fps base...that's why I'll probably skip it.ent.

ProjectVulcan371d ago

This is one of a number of first impression and game play videos. Note the creator's (jackfrags) post at the very top of the comments about the game's performance on the Xbox One X.....

ULTp0ltergeist370d ago


True, from plane to landing it dips below 30. Close-quarters combat its stable enough but do dip at times. But overall performance is solid at least on X for me. Far more stable than PC, so it's surprisingly good on launch and updates will fix it easily I hope. Point is it's competitive and feels like a console game in terms of overall stability.

Black0ut370d ago

That's not even the bad part. I've heard that there are no Oceanic servers. Fellow aussies and kiwis are stuck at 250 ping on the XB version 😐

Count me out if this is true. Considering how heavily PUBG has been advertised over here...

darthv72370d ago

Sounds like this game needs Azure more than ever in order to maintain good flow for online matches. It's really still in development so it is rather strange people are having to pay for this early access. Should be free 2 play for now and THEN when it is ready to roll out... people can buy it.

ULTp0ltergeist370d ago

^ I haven't come across any server like glitches and I think it's due to it already being on Azure at least for a console. The game overall is solid and never crashes. Surprisingly more stable than PC.

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WilliamSheridan371d ago

Been playing it all night since midnight... Can't get enough of this game. I get a solid 25-30 fps all the time on X except when landing... Definitely could use a bump. I'm sure it'll get it just like ARK did. It's still in preview

snoopgg370d ago

What a beastly mess it is on the onex. This game plays like a turd on consoles. So much for a timed exclusive Microsoft.

WilliamSheridan370d ago

Perhaps you aren't listening. 25-30 fps most of the actual game time on X. And it's not optimized at all yet

Peyton____370d ago

My last paycheck was $2500 for working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 8k for months now and she works about 30 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out. The potential with this is endless. This is what I do >>

hit17388371d ago

It's unplayable on the Xbox s. Frames drop under the 20s. Is ridicules. Gun fights are non existent. On the x its more passable but still drops under 25s

Tko1111371d ago

There are frame drops but I hope you have the software to detect these, because just giving numbers out of thin air is the work of magicians

kevnb371d ago

well its possible that its a frame pacing issue, if thats the case its fixable.

WilliamSheridan370d ago

You clearly aren't playing the game because most of those hours are during the parachute phase. After that it's fine.

kevnb371d ago

its looking pretty choppy, hopefully they can smooth it out.

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