Fear Is Cheap. Are Games Too Reliant On Jumpscares?

Roxanne: This year was great for horror fans. Games like Little Nightmares and films like It have come and reminded us that it’s okay to be scared a little, sometimes. That said, it’s very difficult to talk about horror games without mentioning jump scares. Generally seen as cheap tricks and utilized by films of all genres, the jump scare is a tool to capture the audience’s attention… or so, after the first time, they throw one at you.

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Veneno369d ago

In all reality there hasnt been any truly fresh ideas in videogames for years. I hope death stranding breaks that.

Fist4achin369d ago

Maybe youre just not going beyond your comforts to find new and different gaming experiences. A lot of the indie game scene tries new ideas with some that are great and some that are duds.

Veneno369d ago

I get around quite alot. The indie games are pretty much the same as any other. Just more flavors. More different voices . which is great but no new ideas about games are being imagined. Indies dont really have breakthroughs in mechanics. Graphics. Ingenuity. Yeah thats the word. They have only the same level of ingenuity as any other big game makers.