New Infamous High-Res Screens from TGS

"Included in the batch is a piece of concept art for the "Thunderdrop" attack, as well as several scenes snapped from the demo given at TGS. People are tossed around, cars elevated and an electricity station plays host to an electrically charged battle."

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dc083446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Looks amazing.

Silogon3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I wouldn't go that far. It looks good, but not amazing. I also don't think the gameplay engine is going to be that intuative. did you see when the guy was playing it at E3 and he couldn't aim and hit the guys on the roof? He hit everywhere but where he was aiming it looked like.

I see sloppy controls killing this one, right along side the main character/"urban" explorer.


The open zone? Why, you can't give an opinion here? I stated my concerns for the game and not in a bad way. What's your deal, is it just because it's me posting?

I'm ill informed because I saw a video where the controls seemed off? How the hell is that even possible? I saw the video with my own eyes, the guy couldn't hit the 3 guys on the roof when he played it. He had a hard time targeting the guys. I seen it and you had to have seen it if you follow this game at all.

And I'm ill informed cause I don't like the main guys looks? That's new on me.

Harri44443446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

you are very ill informed to be making all of these criticisms.

Harri44443446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

how can you see somthing bad in everything that you look at.

DarkArcani3446d ago

Uncharted had sloppy controls and ND fixed those before release. Makes you wonder why developers even bother to show games before they are done. I'm not just picking on you, everybody does this. Someone is ripping on the Quantum Theory game about it being bland when they just announced this game.
Might as well do what RStar did and stay silent the whole time and just show teaser trailers.

Panthers3446d ago

Holy crap siligon you are full of it. This game looks amazing!!!!!!!!!

It must suck always being so critical of games. Do you ever actually just enjoy yourself while your playing? Or just constantly judge how it looks?

Presentist3446d ago

Just think, if this was on the 360 you'd all agree with Siligon and you'd give him bubbles.


Panthers3446d ago

Na, this game looks amazing. I dont care what it is for. The fact that its exclusive just means that they will take full advantage of the hardware.

Genki3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

oh and just because it's exclusive, I might add. Developer skill has nothing to do with that. Nevermind that the top game this gen is a multiplat. Those games Lair, 99 nights, Perfect Dark, Bomberman, and Haze...hoo boy, MASTERPIECES, and only because they were exclusive! EVERYONE knows that if it's exclusive, it MUST be good! ...right?

I understand we all want good exclusives on our consoles...but let's lay off on the false logic a bit here folks, my goodness. The stuff you guys convince yourselves of is preposterous, and I say that because of all of the blatant mishaps and fiascoes we've seen in the past, yet these silly illogical notions are still drilled home day in and day out. A lot of you pretend that since a game is exclusive, it CAN'T fail, when the past tells us otherwise. Well, don't count your chickens before they hatch. I bet you insecure gamers who continuously convince yourselves that games you haven't played are gonna be perfect are among the most disgruntled, dissatisfied gamers. The difference between yourselves and normal folks is that they don't jump to irrational conclusions about games they know nothing about to begin without lofty expectations, we tend to enjoy our games. I suggest you do the same, but it's up to you.

Stop expecting exclusives to be perfect. A lot of them suck worse than those oh-so terrible multiplats that you all THINK you love to hate. We haven't heard this one in a long time...but play GAMES, not consoles.

badz1493446d ago

those pics look amazing and the lightning thing makes the game looks AWESOME! better than the one in TFU! I have high hopes for Infamous! I'm wondering if there's any relation between the title and the game itself or they just simply put that title! anyway, can't wait for 2009 as Infamous & KZ2 are the 2 games that are already on my must buy list!

ShinMaster3446d ago

It looks better than GTAIV.

SL1M DADDY3446d ago

Give it a rest bud, this game looks amazing. Textures are clean and the game looks like it will put an amazing spin on open world gaming. Don't judge the game ill until the final release. Try being excited for new IP's since it takes guts for developers to run with them.

LikAChicken3446d ago

wow everyone silogon just has an opinion just like the rest of you.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

People aren't liking your comments because you're stating that the person playing couldn't aim due to bad controls. I've seen people play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and still can't aim. So because an individual person wasn't use to the controls it doesn't mean it has bad controls. It's called prejudice, the game is coming out in 2009 a long ways from now.

An opinion doesn't mean you state them as facts and saying it has bad controls based on an individual's poor aiming isn't a fact. Saying, "I think it will have bad controls because of the vertical covering system will be hard to implement" would be acceptable. Saying, "It has bad controls because of the vertical covering system is going to be implemented" is being prejudice because you're making statements based on a passive experience when games are an interactive experience. In order to say facts you must have had an interactive experience otherwise it can't be a fact/statement.

"I also don't think the gameplay engine is going to be that intuative. did you see when the guy was playing it at E3 and he couldn't aim and hit the guys on the roof? He hit everywhere but where he was aiming it looked like. I see sloppy controls killing this one, right along side the main character/"urban" explorer."

- Silogon

thewhoopimen3446d ago

Looks like there's going to be more infrastructure/environmental damage available for the player to take advantage than gt4. Look at all the rubble on the ground. Very cool to be able to implement that in an open world.

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poopsack3446d ago

looks really nice. i wonder if automobiles are driveable.

Panthers3446d ago

i doubt it. besides you can jump around and climb and stuff.

thereapersson3446d ago

But you could drive vehicles as well. Crackdown is one of my favorite XBOX 360 titles, and this game looks to have the gameplay that I will love. InFamous is quickly becoming one of my top-anticipated PS3 games for '09.

facepalm3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

::off topic:: Now that I see more news about this game, I'm curious on what's happening with this game's supposed rival "Prototype"...

It's like the game just vanished...

andron6663446d ago

It was delayed until march 2009.

I don't think it means it won't be good though, as it was one of the titles that survived the Activision Blizzard merger.

xionpunk3446d ago

Yeah... where the hell is Prototype? I actually prefer Prototype's style over Infamous (from what I've seen of both). Infamous still looks cool though.

MvmntInGrn3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

prototype did vanish...

This looks good though, very detailed for open world. I think thy will do a good job with the story and the gameplay looks simple but fun. There will likely be some interesting online components that are unannounced. Effects look nice, physics are very nice, animation is ok (not realistic but sticks to the comic style)

It is a summer 09 game so I am expecting a lot if info soon. I am really expecting this to be good, Sucker Punch is great.

EDIT: Yea the detail here is very impressive.

Montrealien3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

No its not, it's also coming on the Intelivision 3k. Eitherway, I'll be getting it on my PS3, I don;t like the Intelevision's stupid telephone like controler.

DO you think there will be cars and people drawing-in in the distance, or can you see miles and miles with zero draw-in?

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