Game Focus: Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway Review

Game Focus writes: "Brothers in Arms is one of the best World War Two video game series on any game platform, combining smart and adaptive artificial intelligence, emotional gameplay and a great cast of realistic characters. These and many more features show how powerful this game series has become. From the original Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and its sequel Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood, Hells Highway is a brilliant third game in this classic series, building off of the first two games in style.

Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway starts out in a brilliant manner in a TV series style "Previously… in Brothers in Arms". From this opening scene which does a good, but not great job of explaining the very deep story from the previous titles and bringing you into this powerful third act you know you will be in for something special from the very start."


+ Very Good graphics
+ Great audio
+ Missions are very well designed
+ Great story which builds off of the first two BiA games
+ Voice over work is excellent
+ AI is great
+ Authentic Difficulty is Amazingly Cool


- Some animation, physics and graphic glitches ruin the immersion
- Story needed to cover the original two games better for those who did not play them
- the odd frame rate drop when the lights turn off/on in a scene

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