Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation Gets Christmas Event with Themed Outfits and More

Today Koei Tecmo and DMM launched the first Christmas event in their brand new PC game Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation.

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spicelicka339d ago

Pay money for virtual clothes! Idiots rejoice!

Abriael339d ago

You know that you don't actually need to pay a dime? Just making sure.

spicelicka339d ago

Nope I don't know shit. I just remember last time I read an article like this it was about DLC swimsuits to purchase with money.

Abriael339d ago

It's a different game. This one has optional microtransactions, but no DLC, being a free to play game. Don't need to pay for anything unless you want to. I didn't pay a dime.