Hooked Gamers: Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Preview

When Motorstorm hit the Playstation 3 in March of 2007 it was generally regarded as a technological marvel that was a blast to play but far too shallow for a full retail product. Despite the shallow experience, Playstation gamers were so starved for gameplay of any kind that Motorstorm became a runaway success. It is surely no surprise that Sony and developer Evolution Studios would want to make a sequel.

However, unlike when Motorstorm was released the Playstation isn't flourishing as a console anymore and has more than a few racing options available. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift will have to offer more than a fun, yet shallow gaming experience.

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Silogon3539d ago

This game will get an 8 from all the major sites. I don't see a 9 and certainly not a 10 game out of it. The graphics haven't improved much, either but that goes hand and foot with the gameplay. It hasn't been improved either.

I seen the trailer today and it was an ugly mess. Washed out textures, just like the demo we got a few weeks back. Pretty sad.