Team Ninja Has Run Out of Ideas for Dead or Alive 5 DLC Costumes; Last Package Released

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round has finally reached its actual last round, at least for its many season passes and endless DLC costumes.

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noxeven68d ago

they release a complete editin and it costs over 2 grand XD

darthv7268d ago

Then maybe they need to get to work on a DoA 6. Maybe get with Sega and make DoA vs VF

Krysis68d ago

I need a Ninja Gaiden in my life.

Chexs199068d ago

DoA 6 if you would kindly dear sirs :D

DillyDilly68d ago

Who says the females need costumes ?

Fist4achin68d ago

I was going to say...

At this point, do they even need costumes?!

Gotcha568d ago

As long as DOA keep the titties bouncing the freaks will be there to play.... Team Ninja is Dead!!

DillyDilly68d ago

Someone should tell Conan about Dead or Alive XTreme it would be his favorite game series

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