PUBG on Xbox One Is the Best Way to Play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Gadgets 360 says: "However, what you do get is the most polished version of PUBG thus far. It outshines PUBG on the PC where it counts, with a consistent frame rate and slick controls. All of this results in a game that, while still in development, feels like early access done right."

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Zero_Suit_Samus341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

“It outshines PUBG on the PC where it counts, with a consistent frame rate and slick controls.”

I’d hope so because according to John, aka “Dark1x” from Digital Foundry isn’t impressed at all with the PC version.

This is the new Ark - which is now "out", so to speak, yet still as horribly broken and unpolished as ever.

I's somewhat better in some ways but it still ultimately feels really janky and un-optimized.

Animation isn't great, movement feels janky (even with vaulting), the worlds themselves feel as if they're pieced together from a collection of free assets, there are a lot of broken visual elements (the horizon tends to look awful and completely disconnected from the world when gliding into the map), vehicles look and move poorly, building interiors are just ugly (really ugly), the lighting is generally poor and the whole thing feels cheap. I've managed to have fun with the game with friends but every single match I'm thinking "man, this is one ugly game". There are ten year old games that look significantly better than PUBG.

Oh yeah, that's right. I didn't even mention all the disconnected objects. Power-lines that just stop in mid-air, floating rocks, buildings and objects disconnected from the ground and all sorts of other similar madness. I think Jurassic Park: Trespasser is more polished in that regard even.

Septic340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

This isn't a digital foundry or Resetera/NeoGaf page/article to start spamming quotes from forum posts on the PC version . You can wait for the DF article to do damage control

Septic340d ago

I sound birthing? This isn't a Death Stranding post.

By spamming I mean spamming a whole load of posts from a forum within your post.....

UnHoly_One340d ago

Birthing? WTF does that even mean?

Is this some new stupid slang that I'm too old to be aware of?

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Babadook7340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

It’s not damage control unless it’s misleading or unrelated. Putting DF in here (the most respected source we know of) applies to the topic. If anyone is doing damage control it you Septic because the reality is this is a disappointing port as is.

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darthv72340d ago

My son is interested in this and Fortnite so I told him to get them on the xbo because his PC prob wont play them right.

gangsta_red340d ago

Same, my son is a Fortnite fanatic so when he heard of this he was pumped to try it out.

Will have to pick it up this weekend.

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kevnb340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

not looking good at all guys. Seems like they were able to make it look really good on the x, but the cpu just cant give us a good frame rate.

CurbStompin340d ago

Someone sounds like a salty PS player.

joab777340d ago

I'm curious. How the hell did Epic get Fortnite Battle Royale out so quickly and so polished? Money and backing probably. Brilliant! I'm sure PuBG will be huge for a long time, but Fortnite is just so much more fun!

rainslacker340d ago

Epic has more resources to create their games with, and their studio is a few hundred big. Also, their engineers are some of the best in the business, which is much different than a small indie studio which started with limited resources, and hasn't invested enough in more engineers who could actually get things working better faster, despite making tons of money off the early access paradigm.

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NoPeace_Walker341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

"It outshines PUBG on the PC where it counts, with a consistent frame rate and slick controls"

With my Elite controller, and the X...I know I'll have a blast with this game. Glad to hear about the slick contrrols and framerate being consistent. A big plus for X players. 👍🏼🍺

Kribwalker340d ago

mines downloading now, gonna give it a shot tomorrow

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ULTp0ltergeist340d ago

Yes, it's consistent where it counts because obviously everything from the plane to landing you can feel dips in frame rates. But overall after a couple hours high performance with X even on launch, updates will definitely help out especially with Microsoft's full backing. It literally feels like a console game in terms of stability.

ShawnardAgain340d ago

As an owner of all current consoles and pc I would say it plays much better on my pc. However I'm very happy that I can now play it on my X. Definitely not a consistent frame rate when there is a lot going on or a lot of people on screen, however hopefully that is improved in time.

PUBG340d ago

I just finished downloading the game, and I'm super hyped for this!

DJStotty339d ago

it is fun to play i have to admit. not won a game yet lol but will get there

Eulderink339d ago

erm check the other articles which show framerates, cause they tell a diffferent story :o

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Septic340d ago

Yeah the game can even stutter on my bros 1080ti. Mine can stutter quite a bit which is really annoying

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tontontam0340d ago

Because you are an idiot cap to 60 fps to remove stutter,zzzzz or buy gsync

kevnb340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

huh? The footage ive seen so far has shown an inconsistent frame rate and controls that are much worse than on pc.

yeahokwhatever340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

yeah, wtf. lol this article is contradictory to reality. its just just inconsistent across the entire xbox lineup, but its really low. its pretty rare for me to ever dip below 60 on my pc. I also play with my AA turned up and everything maxed out.

Jinger340d ago

You must have a beast of a PC to run this game on max and still keep a steady 60fps...

Destiny1080340d ago

according to digital foundry the x version drops down to 4 fps


v_eno_m340d ago


word....clearly shows that no matter how much horsepower you throw at it, will not fix an unoptimized engine. I feel like this is being rush for the sake of putting it out there. Considering how much resources MS is throwing at it, hopefully, they'll optimize the engine

FinalFantasyFanatic339d ago

After watching gameplay videos, it looks fun, but it's clearly janky as hell. It really needs the optimization, if only people would be truthful and stop hand waving it as "The game is just very demanding". No it's not, it's poorly optimized.

NXFather339d ago

Well next time you guys will learn to hold your horses.

alb1899340d ago

I'm playing it and it feels great and I know it will only get better!

ocelot07340d ago

I was watching JackFrags video on this last night. Graphically it looked pretty good. But the framerate was poor imo looked like it was dropping to below 20FPS at times and he was playing on an X.