We Might Never see Another Game like Resident Evil 4

More than ten years later, it still hasn’t been topped: Resident Evil 4’s opening remains the yardstick by which all others must be measured. No doubt some will make a compelling argument for The Last Of Us, though repeat plays reveal how Naughty Dog ensures the player’s arms and legs are kept firmly inside the ride at all times. Inside this spartan Spanish village, however, you’re the one pushing things forward: barricading doorways, leaping through windows, sprinting, spinning, shooting, kicking. Three, four, five plays later this exhilarating fusion of scripting and player-prompted mayhem still has the capacity to unsettle, from a glimpse of the immolated corpse of the policeman who drove you here to that first yelp of “un forastero”, through to the insistent revving of a chainsaw motor to the pealing bells that cause los ganados to (quite literally) down tools and trudge off to their place of worship.

And then, of course, that wonderfully absurd wisecrack – “Where’s everyone going? Bingo?” – invites you at last to take a breath. Such is the intensity of the ordeal that it’s a shock to discover that it’s only about five minutes of game time. It feels like a landmark moment, and it is. So why, then, given the advancements in technology and game design since, have we seen nothing to match it?

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Travis3708364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Resident Evil 4 is such a masterpiece. Even to this day I can't find a single thing wrong with the gameplay. It's a unique game that sets itself apart from other Resident Evil titles or any Horror game. I like how you travel back and fourth through area's and things change. I once went through a door at night and then turned back around because I forgot something to be surprised by Wolves attacking me. That alone made it a 10/10 for me.

thekhurg364d ago

I'm fine never seeing another game like it. Tank controls are a thing of the past.

Kratos_Kart2007364d ago

The controls were the only you can't run and shoot...But everything else is gold...

Hearing that chainsaw with the burlap sack...

bouzebbal364d ago

i hated RE4..
I was glad to see Leon, but the game really felt short in delivering on what made RE the legendary series it is today.

KaaF364d ago

Oh yeah, That gold bar has a dent, throw it away.

CorndogBurglar364d ago

Have you ever played Until Dawn? In the parts where you actually control your character I half expected to see a zombie come around the corner and STARS members popping out. That game should be used for a new Resident Evil. At least the controls and engine. It just felt like the perfect update to make all Resi fans happy.

Realistic, creepy environments, a feeling of being truly under-powered, collecting items for puzzles. Its just too perfect to not do it!

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PhantomTommy364d ago

8 disagrees.... Lunatics on this site, man. They probably all hate The Beatles and puppies too.

Resident Evil 4 IS a masterpiece. It's the only game from that era that I replay on a regular basis and I'm still blown away by it. Absolutely perfect pacing and a phenomenal combat system that just never gets old. I get that some people prefer creeping through pre-rendered backgrounds, fighting with the controls because the cinematic camera angles can't agree on which direction should be up; listening to the absolute worst attempts at voice acting in games, solving basic logic puzzles that couldn't fool a child, pretending that you still find the predictable jump scares startling 20 years later etc..... but I'll take a good game like Resi 4 instead, thanks.

The_Sage364d ago

The combat is the issue for me. I absolutely love the game, but the gunplay and controls in general are really wonky by today's standards.

KaaF364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

It's mostly kids who never played the game back on 2005, and played its countless copycats that had a decade to copy and improve the formula. They have no idea how revolutionary that game was.

PhantomTommy364d ago

I was too harsh on the older games in this comment. I like those games, but I think the people bemoaning the loss of old school survival horror forget how tiresome it had all become by the time outbreak 1 and 2 hit -- and Resi 4 was such a breath of fresh air. I actually think that Resi 7 did a pretty commendable job of modernizing those older mechanics -- at least for the first half of the game -- and I hope that the Resi 2 remake follows in that style. Just get rid of the black goop monsters and bring back the zombies and lickers.

Damthatsword364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

bwahaha i love how you simplify the old games. here let me try, resi 4 is a modern train wreck that led the horror genre astray with garbage hollywood action (cuz u know, kicking a zombie in the teeth is smart), while having even worse "puzzles" that makes the orginal trios look like quantum mechanics, compared to the wind up toys resi 4 throws at you.

not to mention having a completely lack luster and utterly forgetable musical score that could barely be called music, lets noy embarrass it any further by mentioning the masterful music design in the remake or resi 2.

ill take remakes prerended BGs over resi 4's lazy, talentless and over all thoughtless copy paste woods, cabins and caves and the barely textured castle. the garden maze was its only marit in level design and thats not even good.

again lets not talk about the original trio when it comes to the level design and minute environmental detail, lest we piss on resi 4's dwindling honor.

theres a reason resi 7 is following remakes steps down to even the freakin graphics, while 4 is long forgotten in their formula. which is good...since 4 is mediocore at best.

Imalwaysright363d ago

Not only that but its also one of the most influential games of all time. Your Uncharteds, gears, mass effects or even GTA 4/5 wouldn't be the games we know today without RE4. Can't think of many games as important as RE4.

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strayanalog364d ago

I truly believe we will see this kind of game again, it's just a matter of when. Mainstream play seems to be stuck on Gen 7's push of the cinematic/realistic approach, pushing harder for emotion and leaving out the substance. It's understandable that developers and some gamers want to prove the medium, but sooner or later we'll get by this stage and get back to basics.‎

kevnb363d ago

the worst part is most of those games don't even do well considering their costs.

PhoenixUp364d ago

Dead Space is the closest we’ll get

The_Sage364d ago

Sadly... No more Dead Space either. Visceral has been shut down.

FreddyFazbear364d ago

No, Its the Evil within 1 and 2. Part 1 was even directed by shinji. Dead space while fantastic is not close to RE4 in terms of setting and environment. But its similar to 3rd person over the shoulder. and so is evil within.

Sirk7x363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Evil Within 2 is REALLY good, and also produced by Mikami.
Also, Dead Space, hell yes xD

BlahBlahWhatever364d ago

What worries me is that we will never see again games like RE1/SH1 that's what matter most for me as those 2 games started the survival horror & psychological horror genre, the fast paced more action oriented style of RE4 never intrigue me anyway, we get a dozen similar games every year but how many games we get that is similar to RE1/SH1? I speak for hardcore survival horror games with limited ammo/supplies that make you to crap your pants just with the atmosphere just with the chilling music, the answer is none, that's the kind of games the industry is in need currently because that kind of games have been extinct for more than a decade now.

theshredded364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Nothing tops it even after 12 yrs. The closest we've got is Dead Space 2 and well The Evil Within 2. It's a shame a lot of games are more realistic now and disregard creativity for believable characters and overdone stuff. The Last of Us is a great example of this for me, good game but not a great one. If you're not going to innovate in gameplay which is what separates games as a medium from the rest then you would've been better off as a tv series but sadly the casual market that likes watching cutscenes or are new to gaming is so big. Realism kills creativity. Let's be real, games are still behind movies and reality in general so why bother with realism when you can easily achieve that with a camera and a bunch of people in a matter of seconds.

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