GayGamer Review: Fracture

GayGamer writes: "Military strategy often dictates that those who hold the higher ground hold the advantage in battle. With that in mind, Lucasarts has brought us Fracture, a first person shooter with the intriguing hook of allowing the player to alter the terrain as they fight. Sound interesting, but does 'Terrain Deformation' help or hinder the game?

The very basic backstory to Fracture is that the world suffered some severe side effects to climate change, and America has ended up looking very different. The Mississippi river has flooded into a sea, and the coastlines have been reshaped via technology to protect Americans from rising ocean levels. (also, as a result, the San Francisco bay is now a waterless valley). With the country literally separated by the Mississippi, East and West America have started down very interesting paths. The East coast has embraced technology, such as terrain shaping, to survive. The West has begun extensive research into genetics and mutation, redefining what it means to be human."

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