Detroit: Become Human Star Defends Controversial Domestic Violence Scene

One of the stars from Detroit: Become Human has defended Quantic Dream’s decision to include a polarizing scene in its upcoming interactive title.

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JKSimmons340d ago

How is this scene "controversial"? Honestly...

JackBNimble340d ago

People watch and listen to controversial shit everyday and no one bat's an eyelash, but put it in a game and.......😦

inveni0340d ago

It's controversial so that someone can write an article about it being controversial. It's a click-bait title.

Omnisonne340d ago

It isn't in the slightest, but controversies seem to be made up out of thin air these days by websites desperate for traffic.

thatguyhayat340d ago

Please dont give into the sjw clowns. Before we know it they will attack last of us saying how the infected are being abused and deserve equal rights

bluefox755340d ago

Can we stop saying it's "controversial"? Who found it controversial, really? I have yet to see anyone complain or act outraged, yet i see a new article everyday about how it's controversial. How about we stop manufacturing controversy?

C-H-E-F340d ago

It's only controversial to those people still with bottles in their mouths, the game is M rated, just like how a movie will be R rated, so I don't see the issue. Now if this game was rated E for everyone and had all of this then perhaps that's a different discussion but seeing that you NEED to be 17+ to BUY the game I don't see the issue with it. It's an ADULT GAME made for ADULTS by ADULTS.

_-EDMIX-_340d ago

Oh please people need to grow up and let gaming move on.

This is only controversial because people are desperately trying to make it controversial, at the end of the day if this was inside of a book you would not be picketing outside of Barnes & Noble.

People need to take the damn training wheels off of video games and let them be what they are. I mean we've sat here and watch this medium get babied and watched a bunch of Studios try to sugarcoat specific Concepts and ideas inside of games even though they have a damn M rating in the first place. So the people who are getting angry at the scenes inside of this game are not actually helping this medium I would argue they're actually holding it back from its true potential because other mediums don't have to deal with this crap they've already dealt with the Hays code and they've moved past it.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I defended everything I heard about Mafia 3 in regards to the n-word because as an African American male myself I do not want to play a game that tries to sugar-coat what happened in the American past, it's why I respected that they openly used that word because the damn game is rated M that would be like me saying I don't want to see American History X have the violence that it has inside of it or people using the n-word or anything like that.

If you folks don't want to see the violence inside of this game don't play it.

If you don't want your kid to play it will that's why the ESRB exist.

But I don't see anything good that is going to come from trying to censor games in regards to violence or religious beliefs or political belief etc

RpgSama340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Well said!, Bravo!, If this would be a movie or a book, no one would say shit, they gave Charlize Theron an Oscar for her role in Monster, they do that in a Videogame and they have to close down the studio, it's bullshit.
People need to grow up, and videogames need to grow up.
I recently read, but don't remember where, that the worst thing to happen to videogames was that when they named them, they put "games" in the title, that maybe worked 30 years ago, but we are way past that, they are interactive media for all the ages, just like movies or books

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The story is too old to be commented.