TGS: Analysis - The State Of Sony, Microsoft... Nintendo?

Looking over the 2008 Tokyo Game Show, one of the main factors an interested onlooker might consider is how the console manufacturers are handling the show. Both Microsoft and Sony, currently dueling for position in the worldwide market, sought a strong showing at TGS.

Sony needed to convince consumers that its recent loss to the Xbox 360 in the monthly Japanese sales charts was just a one-off. On the other hand, Microsoft needed to convince the assembled masses its momentum in the territory was not a flash in the pan. As for Nintendo -- well, we'll get to them a little later.

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N4g_null3542d ago

Man that article tried hard not to give nintendo any props. Yet the mere mention of monster hunter and no more heros 2 spoils that. It's clear to see the other guys had nothing really new to show. That's pretty sad. The articule seems to be a MS prop device also. As it details how out of touch SONY has become in it's own territory.

MS only needs to keep SONY copying them since japan does not buy FPS and LBP has to be one of the worst platformers coming out. SONy really needs to do better with their 1st party games.

PirateThom3542d ago

Have you played LittleBigPlanet?

It's a fantastic platformer.

-Maverick-3542d ago

lol LittleBiGpLANET??

Your console is nothjing but a paper weight bro. Just get over it. PS3 is a horrible console this generation and NOTHING like the PS2.

XboX 360 has anad will continue to be the industry leader.

Little big palnet LMAO are you 7 years old???

Go look at the Xbox 360's library in every category including RPG' absolutely destroy's the Hypestation 3rd's.

PirateThom3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

I wasn't aware good games had an age limit.

Maybe it's because I've been playing games for so long that I've already got bored of big muscle men in plastic armour shooting each other and can appreciate a work of true creativity.

I take the PS3s library, more games I want to play.

N4g_null3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

I'm sorry but sonic seems to be more fun than LBP. I don't like floaty platformers unless there is some sword play maybe. Sorry no sale here. Also if you are amazed at people creating a level for it please sign up for any thing that use torque or the XNA equivalent. They are almost drag and drop ready.

This game will go down just like blast works only a few will have the skills to make fun stuff other wise there is no reason to buy the game.

That is my opinion yet the whole sophisticated thing SONY is talking about really doesn't help this game. I'm thinking all those manly gamers on the PS3 will not enjoy this game at all. The graphics will ware off believe me.

Also what make things even sadder is the fact that the PS3 is fighting to even catch the xbox 360. Just like every one else they need good 3rd party games that people can't get on other systems. But thanks to the production bill of HD gaming MS found away to make the PS3 and xbox 360 basically the same system and they will continue to steal games from them. SONY has never made a 1st party game I like. Maybe the Ico guys but really come on it takes them 4-5 years to make a game.

HD gaming is done... second place is all they are going to get if MS just up and dies.

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