The battle ensues: New Xbox Live Vs PS3 Home

This generation has seen a new battleground for the console wars: the online community offerings. Up to now, few would argue that the Xbox 360 has ruled the roost, with Xbox Live offering a brilliant and user-friendly place for gamers to congregate. But the battle lines are now being redrawn as the all-new Xbox Live attempts to go up against Home on the PS3.

The Tokyo Game Show has brought few surprises, but some interesting announcements nonetheless. In terms of the new online offerings from both companies, Sony confirmed that its long-awaited Playstation Home service exclusive to the PS3 will be here by the end of the year, while Microsoft announced details of its New Xbox Live 'Experience' - coming to a 360 near you on November 19th.

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ThatCanadianGuy3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

Home Wins.

Edit: I know man,Mii's err..i mean avatars make me laugh too lol

Lanoire3451d ago

And more social than XBOX live.

Home will win. Avatars or miis seems to be an inferior substitute for HOME.

I only take the best for granted. Fk the inferior substitute.

wazborn3451d ago

@ Lanoire

i wont be so sure to rule Home better than NXE .. coz 1, the 360 community is already densely populated with ppl already in a tight pack of friends and all... the home.. is just try to come up with something than gather such gathering secondly.. the fact that the ps3 does not come with a mic as standard wont help either since no matter how u wanna make using a pad to type its not gonna be a comfy as speakin and u are sure that not most ppl are gonna get mics on ps3 since its just an addition.
the 360 has an advantage.. here what has kept ppl so close together on live. . is simply the MICS... to be honest .. coz u can chat up a friend and not feel like its a chore.. since u have the mic anyway.. as standard..

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3451d ago

Reinventing the xBox 360 and it's still a pile of CR*P!!! ;-D

i.e BABY Avatars for the Hardcore xBot Zombie Lemmings!!! ;-D
(That makes me Laugh HARD!!! ;-D Thanks Micro$luts!!!)

HOME is the FUTURE!!! ;-P

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Zip3452d ago


well, how would you no, since neither of theese things has been released yet ?

ThatCanadianGuy3452d ago

It's called looking at what each of the two offers.

There's no contest.Home offers soooo much more then "NXE"

AngryHippo3452d ago

.....maybe you should wait until its released first. I think you will be surprised about what home actually offers upon release. I will leave it at that.

ThatCanadianGuy3452d ago

Oh really? Then by all means,please! let me see through your
crystal ball?

As it stands RIGHT NOW.What the "NXE" offers doesn't even compete with what the Home Beta offers.

And i don't see how it could compete with it once its fully launched
I will leave it at that.

fufotrufo3451d ago

hey canadian guy..what does home offers that NXE doesn't ??

since it offers so much and you seem to know alot

ThatCanadianGuy3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Wow man.

Personal customizable apartment with a gorgeous view of the sea in stunning graphics.

A full blow mini-metropolis to explore,meet new gamers,buy things,play tons of built in mini games with real-time physics.Watch movies in an amazing virtual theater

Customizable avatar with life-like motions & REAL next gen graphics.
Not a direct rip-off of Nintendo's Mii's.


Microsoft's Mii's
Allows games to be saved to HDD
Customizable backround for the "NXE"
slightly quicker download times from the market place.

Wow.Tough choice huh?

HairyBrownSack3451d ago

HAhahahahaha are all canadians as DUMB as you???

pooooooor crackhead

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ShinMaster3452d ago

I pretty much get the same deal with PSN fo' free.

Messaging, chating(video/voice), online store(demos, full games, arcady games, videos, TV shows, movies, free themes, music)
Dedicated servers and p2p servers, for better online play, etc.
And of course, Sony supports user-generated content(i.e. themes, mods for games like Unreal Tournament III, LBP, etc.)

Time_Is_On_My_Side3451d ago

I was thinking the same thing and PlayStation Home is the missing link for the PlayStation 3. Like how the PlayStation Portable's missing link was the PlayStation 3.



Everything that post #1 said ia tru. The 360 also has that, except you gotta pay for it.

Paying for peer2peer in 2008? you must be retarded.

CIO Caveman Trolls3451d ago

So easy even a Cliffy B can tell you which

ThanatosDMC3451d ago

Wow they're trying to compare something that was in the works for years to something that was slapped together as fast as humanly possible?!

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gamersday083451d ago

If you insist, HOME >>> New XBLive.

shovelbum3451d ago

A battle? Don't kid yourself. You can't seriously compare Home to Xbox Live. Only diehard fanboys and those without access both consoles could consider such conversation. PSN is doing much more right than they did six months ago but MS has had a big head start and I doubt Sony will catch up with regards to online service.

OOG3451d ago

Man why do they have the same damn topic every day......people are all going to argue the same points they always do and this will go nowhere fast

pain777pas3451d ago

You've earned your bubble my friend. This neverending flamebait BS has got to come to an end already lets just enjoy gaming now. The PS3 software wise has caught up significantly. Great exclusives on the way lets just game now and see you all on home PAINPAS on PSN and LIVE actually LOL. See you all their.

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