Why Making Metroid Prime 4 Doesn’t Really Make Sense

Between finished narrative threads and the absence of Retro Studios, this upcoming game could go with a different title completely and would probably be all the better off for it.

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FallenAngel1984342d ago

The eponymous Metroid Prime already died, so the naming doesn’t make sense other than continuing a brand. This should’ve been a new game that takes place after Metroid Fusion.

indyman7777341d ago

Bad guys and organisations come back or get replaced by worse ones in both movies and games, and even series. In fact in gaming it happens MORE than it does not in series. That's a weak excuse to say a game should not continue.

wonderfulmonkeyman341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

It's ASSUMED that Prime died.
However, if you've seen the ending, you know she goes out the same way she always "died" before; by turning into a blue particle mist that, surprise surprise, reforms later on.
Phaaze may have been the source of all phazon in the universe, but many are not convinced that the source being gone means a new source cannot be created from remnants.
And what else would perfectly embody those remnants better than Dark Samus/Metroid Prime?
And if not that, then finding a new source of energy and usurping that isn't out of the question.
Such as, oh, I dunno, the very life energy that Metroids suck out of their victims?
Lord knows the Space Pirates definitely have enough of those critters in stock in various places of the universe for DS/MP to take advantage of, corrupting their energies and renewing itself in the process.

gangsta_red342d ago

I wasn't a huge fan of Prime but I would love for Nintendo to go all in with a 2.5D Metroid game for the Switch.

remixx116341d ago

Loved prime to absolute death, prime 2 was great to but 3 didn't really need to happen.

The 10th Rider341d ago

Prime 3 was great. Looks great in dolphin running in HD 60fps too.

PhoenixUp342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

It’s as if Nintendo thinks a 3D first person Metroid game couldn't succeed if it wasn’t part of the Prime subseries. I was hoping Metroid Dread would be revived.

“After finishing off the Metroid Prime Trilogy, however, Retro tried their hand at another big Nintendo franchise: Donkey Kong. They cranked out Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Wii U. Both garnered critical praise, though neither made quite as much of a splash as the Metroid Prime Trilogy did.”

Both Donkey Kong Country games sold better than the Metroid Prime games. Retro Studios had far more successful commercial outings with DKC than with MP.

Neonridr342d ago

still.. the Metroid Prime trilogy was amazing. I have the Wii Collection which added motion controls to the other games. I can't say enough good thing about the games.

Pookandpie341d ago

I mean, Nintendo has plenty of reason to believe that a Metroid game not in the Prime series wouldn't be successful. The top 3 best selling games in the entire series are Metroid Prime, Metroid, and Metroid Prime 3, in that order. Not one of them ever broke 3 million copies, with the one in third place, MP3, not even managing to break 2 million.

Trash like Paper Mario: Sticker Star sold more than the third highest Metroid game ever. That's just... Damn. lol

Gamers whine and complained for new Metroid games, and then when they come out, they don't buy them. It's insanity. It happened with Samus Returns (it sold, what, 300,000?), and while I sure as hell hope it won't happen with the next Metroid game, it very well could. Oh well. I'll continue to buy and enjoy them for as long as they make them (without them being ass, anyway. I never finished Other M).

remixx116341d ago

It's honestly sad because metroid prime is one of the greatest nintendo games ever made.

Part of its lackluster sales is because the gamecube itself didn't really sell a whole lot. Other games like windwaker and luigi's mansion suffered lacklust sales because of this and their sequels were reduced to handheld games.

PhoenixUp341d ago

@ Neo

Who said the Prime trilogy wasn’t amazing?

@ Poo

Doesn’t mean the every future 3D first person Metroid game should be under the Prime subseries.

The 10th Rider341d ago

Yeah, I don't get people who keep saying that Prime 4 is one of Nitnendo's real heavy hitters. The Donkey Kong series has consistently easily outsold Metroid.

Don't get me wrong, I love the series and I'm glad a new one is coming out, but people talk like it's the Switch's saving grace when even Mario sports games are far more successful.

As for whether or not the new one should fit under the Prime moniker I guess we'll have to see what the story is and how it plays before making judgement on that.

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TheOttomatic91341d ago

Unpopular opinion I was never a fan of Metroid Prime games but I always loved the 2D Metroid games. I would have much preferred if the Internal Ninty studio working on Prime 4 would instead make a brand new 2.5D Metroid from the ground up.

Tazzy341d ago

It makes sense people have been wanting a new Metroid Prime game and now they're going to get one I would have liked a side scrolling Metroid for the switch like they did with Super Mario Bros U.

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