TGS 08: Quantum Theory confirmed as PS3 exclusive

Joystiq writes: "Out of all the possible answers relating to platform exclusivity inquiries, a simple "yes" is easily the most difficult one to extract. This did not prove to be the case with Tecmo's Makoto Shibata, however, who calmly assured us that Tecmo's upcoming third-person shooter, the cryptically named Quantum Theory, is indeed exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

The Team Tachyon director, who candidly described the game as Japan's answer to titles like Gears of War, is sticking to the predominantly Western genre's "basics," while making sure that his country's "skills and talent are incorporated." You'll note that the game's art employs a more expanded color palette, though not at the expense of unfeasibly enormous biceps. The traditional, post-apocalyptic environment is augmented here by a striking "living tower," a labyrinthine structure that the game's protagonist and his occasional female foil must traverse and ultimately defeat."

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C_SoL3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

...a badass name for a game.

I hope this game turns out good.......

Peter Griffin3539d ago

im not listening to these "exclusivity" claims anymore

DarkArcani3539d ago

Unless it is made by a Sony studio, those exclusive words are just that, words. Words that other companies can buy.

Bonsai12143539d ago

it is a BA name. but i see what he did there.. the basics of the gears while incorporating skills and talent.

hay3539d ago

The game needs a bit shader love, some antialiasing, fun and addictive gameplay and it'll, how they say it: "kick ass".

But it resembles me a bit Lineage 2 with guns. Dunno, maybe it's me.

badz1493539d ago

for this game might change but I'll give them a little bit of my trust because Tecmo at least made NG sigma! and Sigma turned out to be better than even NGII! so, I think we can expect a little bit more from Tecmo for Quantum Theory and hope it turns out yet another great PS3 exclusive!

marinelife93539d ago

If the multiplayer is more than 4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5 then I'm sold.

airheadluffy3539d ago

this is a great strategy for tecmo by making it ps3 exclusive. this will definitely make them more money by saying its ps3 exclusive and then MS will offer them money to make it multiplat with exclusive DLC on 360.

Tidus113539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Why would they make this game for xbox 360... no ones gonna buy the copycat(Quantam Theory) when they can buy the orignal(Gears of War) ... saying that i am curious to see how they do.

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poopsack3540d ago

looking forward to hearing moar!

RememberThe3573539d ago

or did you spell that wrong?

poopsack3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

More= moar :D

cyclindk3539d ago

"Moar," so that's like a combination of more and roar? I'm using that from now on...try and stop me!

hay3539d ago

Lol. I don't want to read your moar anymoar. Bubbles for the laughs guys.

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Silogon3540d ago

Was any gameplay shown off or was it just the Cg trailer?

MvmntInGrn3539d ago

If that is a real shot then there is some geometry issues, quite bland, Detail is decent.

A good few new PS3 titles were shown but many look quite early in development. Fine since 09 is quite packed already, these are late 09 (early 2010) games.

gambare3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

if you call that with geometry issues, quite bland and decent details to something that is graphically more rich, colorful and artistic than gears of wars 2, I don't wanna know how ugly gears of wars 2 must be to your eyes.

the image put by fufotrufo was the "worst" one


before you ask silogon, I don't disagree neither agree with any comment, I can post a disconformism but just that.

Silogon3539d ago

wt the hell is the disagree for? I asked a question, how does that warrent a disagree? How the hell can you disagree with a question?

It's like saying "Can I have some milk?" and you saying "no, I disagree with you"

how lame is that? Anyways, if that pics is real time it still needs a bit of work. It's not Gears quality yet. Close, but not yet. I also wish they'd leave the big guys at home for once. I want an average joe in a game, ya know? Someone like Harry from Silent Hill or Drake from Uncharted. We need more of those people so we can relate to them better.

RememberThe3573539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Thank you.

@fufotrufo: Ditto

BabyStomper50003539d ago

They disagreed because it's you.

fufotrufo3539d ago

@ gambare

what are you talking about..i could post them all if you want

there you go ..they all look the same ..not a compliment

lowcarb3539d ago

Those screens looks terrible.

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Vulcan Raven3539d ago

This game will have offline coop.

TheColbertinator3539d ago

Exclusivity is a dying word Tecmo

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