TGS Exclusive: Yuji Naka's Prope Making a Sonic-Like Action Game

Gamasutra writes: "Famed Sonic the Hedgehog creator and programmer Yuji Naka's new studio, Prope, has finally announced its first two titles, Let's Tap! and Let's Catch! -- but it seems the studio has something more complex in the works.

"At Prope," Naka told Gamasutra, "we're actually planning on making a game like Sonic right now. We want to keep trying to make various kinds of games."

When asked for clarification, specifically whether Prope is actively making a character-based action title, Naka replied, "Yes, that's what we're making now."

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Silogon3542d ago

I expect good things from him. I read in a Gamepro interview with him once where he said he was against taking Sonic into 3-d but Sega insisted to keep up with Nintendo. I hope he makes the next game a true vision of what he's always wanted to make in a platformer/action/adventure game.

TheColbertinator3542d ago

Yuji Naka is a brilliant game maker like Yu Suzuki.If Naka wants to make a new IP I support him