Media Molecule Makes the FL Studio of Dreams PS4 Music Creation

"Dreams is getting a DAW. The FL Studio of Dreams PS4 music creation looks like a big game changer in itself alone, and with a multitude of options to choose! " - ImpSpace

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Eonjay38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

OMG it love it. Sold I could just sit around a make music all day.

bouzebbal37d ago

same! this is a game i will be playing for years.
i like the "toolbox" genre that i discovered with LBP.
LBP was such a dream come true. now taken to the next level.
i understand why it took them so long.

freshslicepizza37d ago

Thye should add some stability to that icon on screen, it's annoying. I guess Media Molecule is just going to keep pumping out development tool style games for people to create their own levels.

UCForce37d ago

It’s their style after all. Knowing their game Little Big Planet and Teraway. Media Molecule want to give player an endless possibilities. Dream does have Single Player mode.

freshslicepizza37d ago

Wasn't Tearaway more of a traditional style game? That one looked good but I don't like Little Big Planet.

Apocalypse Shadow38d ago

Dreams is going to be crazy creative.

mkis00737d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Watching the devs demo it live it became quite obvious this is LBP but where every type of game is possible. This game is a gaming platform in itself. Nothing short of revolutionary.