Joystiq TGS 08: Final Fantasy XIII trailer impressions

Joystiq writes: "Another TGS means another Closed Mega Theater from Square Enix. So what does the house that Final Fantasy built have hiding behind the curtain this time? It's mostly a long line of Kingdom Hearts titles and the entire known components of the Fabula Nova Crystallis project – which of course includes the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII.

Considering that FFXIII is the flagship title for the company, it would be an understatement to say we're a tad excited to see anything new coming from this game at the show ... even if it is the usual scrap here and there. Speaking of scraps, yes, most of the "new" trailer contains footage from previous clips we've seen before (no surprise there); however, the new footage we did see – we believe – will certainly keep the FF faithful interested until the next small bits trickle in."

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die_fiend3391d ago

Should be good. Obviously PS3 owners don't think it will be cos it being made for more than one console is a personal attack on them, a betrayal if you will. Do u really think Square care if you don't buy it? For all the PS3 owners who can't cope with the fact that ur waiting for the 360 one to be made and won't buy it for this don't deserve to play it. This shortfall in sales by u gimps will easily be compensated for Square by the millions of 360 owners who are very happy to see it come to our console. U weepers are just ungrateful, go back thinking about Killzone 2 and how 'great' it's gonna be (not very if it's like the first)