7.7 Silent Hill: Homecoming Review

Ben Dutka of writes:

The survival/horror aficionados will always clash in the ongoing debate over which established franchise is scarier: Capcom's Resident Evil or Konami's Silent Hill. It seems as if those who appreciate the underlying theories behind fear, and what causes us to actually feel frightened, frequently choose the latter. While RE is always good for a jump, SH provides an enduring, creepy sensation throughout the course of the adventure; playing those games at about 2 a.m. with all the lights off is an appropriately nerve-rattling experience. What lurks in the shadows; what we hear but can't pinpoint; how the atmosphere plays with our senses and minds; all of this factors into the concept of fear. Now, Silent Hill: Homecoming embraces said concept as all previous entries have, and in that way, it's an easy winner. But the reason why the RE games typically score higher is because the gameplay is typically more polished and more accessible, and the controls are an issue in Homecoming.

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