Kojima Explains Death Stranding Gameplay and Lore

Hideo Kojima on what happens when your character dies, "Timefall," and that ubiquitous baby.

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zivtheawesome72d ago

game sounds so awesome! can't wait for the gameplay

Septic72d ago

Sounds amazing. This has the potential to be Kojima's best. Absolutely loved the latest trailer. I reckon Kojima has DMT in his cereal

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Septic72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

It'll run on my Pro though :)

Tears of joy

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UltraNova71d ago

Kojima is my kind of twisted mastermind. I love they way his brain works. Bring it on Kojima I'm so ready.

Here's a fun question for you guys:

Who can suggest a movie or two that is closer to Kojima's brain process? In other words which movie/s feels like it could have been made by Kojima?

Off topic: I' ve got to hand it to you Septic, the moment you post a comment, especially a sincere/honest one, the whole thread goes to shit...haha, thumps up!(Movie suggestion?)

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DarkOcelet71d ago


Any David Lynch movie. I feel like Eraserhead could be something he makes.

UltraNova71d ago (Edited 71d ago )


The guy behind Mulholland Dr.! Sold I'll be sure to watch it then, thanks!

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medman71d ago

I'm kind of hoping Death Stranding is a launch title for PS5.

Nyxus72d ago

Quite a few new details, nice! It all sounds very intriguing.

UCForce72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

About Death Stranding trailer that we saw 3 days ago, we don’t what it is, but Sam who play by Norman Reedus said about “next explosions”. I might think he referred to Big Bang theory.

gangsta_red72d ago

I was thinking it might be The Big Bang Theory too, I think this is confirmed with the cameo appearances of Leanord and Sheldon.

343_Guilty_Spark72d ago

The Big Bang wasn’t an explosion though. It was the rapid expansion of all space.

Eonjay72d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark I think you mean inflation.

The last I checked, the term Big Bang is kinda like a place holder because no one really know what the Big Bang was, just that it was the beginning in classical terms. When I say classical terms I mean pertaining to our understanding of the universe and things like time.

KillBill72d ago

@Eonjay - you must not have checked like... at all then?

Perjoss71d ago

"the crowd erupted"
crowds don't actually erupt either.
Metaphors and stuff.

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trooper_72d ago

Yeah, I'm very interested in what he does with this.

343_Guilty_Spark72d ago


The Big Bang wasn’t an explosion though. It was the rapid expansion of all space.


We know what it wasn’t. It was not an explosion in any sense of the word.

rainslacker72d ago


That is the prevailing theory right now, however, I think you're looking at it too scientifically, as opposed to metaphorically. Kojima does enjoy his metaphor, and using a generally accepted idea and twisting it to his needs is what he does best.

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Jinger72d ago

Kojima blurs the line between mad man and genius

Elda72d ago

I get what you're trying to convey.

Jinger71d ago

Some geniuses can be considered a little crazy. I mean just look at these Death Stranding trailers... They are freaking nuts, but we all know Kojima is a genius.

Glad you got what I was saying instead of just downvoting for no reason haha

“There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.”
― Oscar Levant

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Gardenia71d ago

Still not sure what this means. If you quick save you start a few seconds from the point where you died. But in Death Stranding you start right after you died. Does this mean if you die in a boss fight and come back you can't fight the boss anymore? Doesn't seem like a good idea. But maybe it's very different from other games, who knows

TengHu71d ago

No it just means you get to fight the boss from the point you died. You're reading too much into it. It's as if you tripped and fell, and got right back up. I don't think any game time would actually pass.

Gardenia71d ago


That is how every game works. Kojima is talking about something different, or so he says

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bolimekurac72d ago

omg this is going to be the greatest game ever, have no clue what its about but its going to be the best game ever made

G20WLY72d ago

And that's so funny and original. Bravo.👏

agent453271d ago

I agree, Kojima san knows how to make videogame masterpieces. From Metal Gear (one of the rare gaming franchises that not only advanced the series story and visuals but managed to change the gameplay mechanics, design, location, atmosphere, sound and music for each entry in the series [Playing MGS5 is completely different from playing MGS4 which was a huge departure from MGS 3]). The Zone of the Enders great series