Open-World Adventure One Piece: World Seeker Announced for the West for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Following the announcement for PS4 in Japan, One Piece: World Seeker will also come west, but it'll get two more platforms, Xbox One and PC.

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Sgt_Slaughter365d ago

I don't understand the thought process behind releasing it on the Xbox One but not also the Switch. The entire Switch market in Japan is massive right now and the One isn't above 1,000 per week, let alone the U.S. market.

Maybe they'll announce it later on but for right now I'm confused. Still looks fantastic so far though.

franwex365d ago

Maybe the Switch can't really handle it; and in regards to the xbox, if it can handle it, and porting it over isn't cost prohibited-why not? More chances of making money.

Sgt_Slaughter365d ago

No offense to the Xbox One but that's the least likely place to have those type of fans all things considered. Plus, judging by the early screens, it looks like the Switch could handle it no problem.

quantoxtech365d ago

Maaan, if the story is all about Luffy, it'll be a huge disappointment for me. One Piece, for me, was always about the crew. About the camaraderie between them, their dynamics and everything else.

I'd rather play a game about Zoro than Luffy.