How Long can Destiny 2 Continue to Disappoint its Audience?

Screen Critics Shaun laments the current state of Destiny 2, asking how long fans should be made to wait for the game they really want.

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Hardiman372d ago

Yeah I didn't play the first one and have no desire to play part two but I don't think it's fair to those who are fans and have supported this series!

freshslicepizza372d ago

I wanted to try it out on the PC. The game isn't bad but I really don't like supporting these types of busniess models, especially locking players out so they have to buy DLC. That DLC by the way came out just a few months after the game released which goes to show it's all planned to try and maximize revenue even before release.

InTheZoneAC372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

it was known it would be out a few months after, just like D1 had its DLC.

PapaBop372d ago

At the end of the day, it's Bungie's loss. Destiny is their only game, they can't afford to lose the goodwill of their long term fans. Yet so far, they seem more intent on abusing that goodwill than honouring it. I can't believe how their first expansion for D2 turned out as someone who played the original daily ever since launch.

joab777372d ago

Millions would have supported and played this game every day if they weren't so damn shady.

-Foxtrot372d ago

Hate to tell people I told them so....buuuuut

Cursediixxxii372d ago

Most people got their $60 out of can complain about the end game but that’s more than most games can say

Neonridr372d ago

so we just got to the first DLC and already we are using that excuse? Sheesh..

rocketpanda372d ago

People got their money's worth by doing the same boring things over and over again before they realized Bungie sold then a hollow products that is paper thin. Consumers bought into the hype(again) thinking Bungie actually learnt from their mistakes in D1, but that is too much to ask.

CrimzonRazor372d ago

What they learned from the first one is they can get away with it.

maybelovehate372d ago

Probably a long time. As much as everyone likes to complain, there is no better coop shooter available to play. The Division was supposed to be that game, but the gameplay wasn't within a million miles of Destiny. Mass Effect 3 was hoped to be.. but same situation. Anthem will be the next game to hopefully take Bungie off that pedestal but we will see. Disappointment isn't the same thing as not liking something. Most of the audience, enjoys Destiny, they just want it to be more.

CorndogBurglar372d ago

To be fair, Mass Effect, Division, and Anthem are all 3rd person shooters. (I think Anthem is, isn't it?) Even if they were better than D2, which they aren't, there just aren't any other FPS shooters that offer co-op like Destiny.

I stand by all my previous comments. D1 and D2 offer the most fun I've had playing with my buddies than any other game. I had something like 700 hours in D1 and we are still enjoying the Nightfalls and weekly missions in D2.

Is it perfect? Nope. But it offers something no other FPS game does, which is a fantastic co-op experience.

_FantasmA_372d ago

Actually there is a better game that does co-op better than Destiny 2, it's called Destiny (1). I played D2 for a month and then deleted it from my hard drive to make space for Destiny 1. I appreciate Destiny 1 even more now and it seems to run smoother now that there's less people online.

maybelovehate372d ago

Destiny 1 is definitely awesome but I prefer Destiny 2. Mostly due to the gameplay. Destiny 1 had great gunplay but the engine had some weird quirks. The sprint cooldown being the most annoying but also the missing perks we got with Destiny 2 in the Rifts, Barricades, Dodge etc. Also love the team work aspects of the Barricades and Rifts. Just took that coop play to another level.

_FantasmA_372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

The barricades and rifts are decent, but they aren't a game changer and don't really make me feel like a badass like D1's supers did. The specials in D2 just don't feel special. The magic is gone in D2. The only good thing about D2 is the static perks on the guns, I hated the RNG in Destiny 1 because it didn't matter if you played everyday, you still didn't get the gun you wanted. I have still not gotten an Eyasluna with sureshot/truesight, rangefinder, and rifled barrel. And yet some newcomer can play this game for 2 months and get one regardless of skill. Destiny 1 loot system was broken. They should just let you level up the guns in D2 and you unlock the perks as you get more kills with it. Also, the token system in D2 is trash because again it goes back to RNG.

PapaBop372d ago

So much this. If you actually look at the features of Destiny 1, it actually sounds like a sequel to Destiny 2.

KwietStorm372d ago

I'd go back and play Borderlands 2 any day instead of Destiny.

Unreal01372d ago

I'm playing BL2 still to this day. Still completely overshadows Destiny even after all this time.

Neonridr372d ago

I just want more content.. less drip-feed. They keep telling us each update is going to be monumental. Everyone buys in and drinks the kool-aid. Then the update is mediocre. A short story of missions, a couple of new strikes and a new raid "lair". So content you can evaporate in less than a week.. then it's back to grinding nonsense again and again.

maybelovehate372d ago

Are they really telling you that though? This DLC and the DLC in spring are both supposed to be minor expansions. Next fall will be the first big expansion. Destiny is a very advanced game. The graphics, physics and AI aren't something that can just be thrown together. They are working as fast as they can.

Neonridr371d ago

@maybelovehate - I don't doubt that the game isn't advanced. I am merely saying that they hype up these expansions and then we realize that after a day or two there's nothing left to do except wait for the next expansion. I am a day 1 Destiny 1 player and logged well over 1000 hours in that game.

I am just wiser this time around with D2.

JeffGUNZ371d ago

@ Neonridr

They didn't tell us this was going to be monumental at all. They literally showed people via live stream what you were getting in gameplay. I think people expect the world in every DLC and set their expectations too high. These minor DLC's are about raising the light level, giving people new weapons to chase, and giving some minor content updates. Come September of 2018, if they don't release a MASSIVE DLC, then this game may be in serious trouble.

Neonridr371d ago

@Jeff - maybe I am just looking for something fun to do in the game.. I dunno. Grinding the same activities over and over gets boring real fast.

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Chaosdreams372d ago


I'm more intrigued by how so many people willingly let themselves be treated so poorly, and pay for it.

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