Joystiq hands-on: The New Xbox Experience

Joystiq writes: "The past several weeks have seen a lot of updates concerning the Xbox 360's upcoming interface redux, the New Xbox Experience. Yesterday, we learned that it will launch globally on November 19. We've had the opportunity to take it for a test drive in its current state (Microsoft says that new builds are produced every Friday) in order to prep you for some of the features you haven't heard about.

We suppose it's best to just get the negatives out right in front. The build of the NXE we tried out is incomplete, and, as such, had missing features and hiccuped during navigation every now and then. Microsoft told us that the NXE is feature-locked, and that the time remaining before release is being spent optimizing performance. That said, when it was fast (which was most of the time) it was fast."

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