Why PUBG Isn't Eligible For GameSpot's Game Of The Year

GS: "Despite its late 2017 release date, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds early-access status prevents us from considering it as a potential Game of the Year."

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Razzer252d ago

wouldnt win it anyway, but good call.

252d ago
Cobra951252d ago

Completely agree. Finish and release it as a finished game, then it can qualify for such awards.

kevnb252d ago

i dont even know what most of their staff likes anymore.

ZeroX9876252d ago

If the game is really that great, it'll be a nominee for next year.

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bluefox755252d ago

Seems like something that shouldn't even need to be explained.

morganfell252d ago

Some people complained here on N4G that it wasn't nominated. "Oh it would win!" was what you heard. Yet these same people think the game should not be reviewed because it is in early access. You can't have it both ways. You are either all in or not.

252d ago
Relientk77252d ago

And I agree with their statement, game isn't even finished.

Teflon02252d ago

Duhh, this should be the case for anything. If it's status is Early Access, it's like saying a Battlefield 1 beta can qualify for game of the year... That's dumb. I swear some people can act so ridiculous...

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