FIFA 18 vs. PES 2018 – Which one should you buy?

James writes - "Rivalries in football don’t come much bigger than the likes of Manchester United vs Liverpool, Celtic vs Rangers, or Barcelona vs Real Madrid. In the gaming world however, Konami and EA Sports go head to head each year with their latest versions of Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA vying for top spot as the best football game available. They’ve both been out for a little while now, so if you’re looking to buy a game for a fan of ‘the beautiful game’, we’re here to help. Which one should you buy this year; PES 2018 or FIFA 18?"

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MoonConquistador216d ago

3 comments in and not one of them even flirts with answering the point of the article (even if the same question gets asked every year).

The answer is still Pro Evo and it's not going to change anytime soon with the way they are improving it.

pingthing216d ago

Buy neither, problem avoided. 😊

bluebenjamin216d ago

lmao why you at it buy nfl 2k5 instead of the new madden football game

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