The 10 Games We're Most Looking Forward to in 2018

GameSpew: 2017 has been a great year for games, and 2018 is looking pretty rosy too. Here are the ten games that we are most looking forward to in 2018.

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Hardiman216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

God of War, Spider Man, Days Gone, Shadow of Collosus, Detroit, Days Gone, Dreams, Vampyr, Red Dead 2, Far Cry 5, Code Vein, Kingdom Come and Yakima 6, man 2018 is gonna be a hell of a year!!!!

Edit: I forgot about Kingdom Hearts 3(hopefully it hits next year), Monster Hunter World and Mega Man 11!

hellkitten213d ago

I thought Kingdom Hearts 3 next year was for sure? Hasn't the release date been announced yet?

Hardiman211d ago

I'm not sure as there are so many but seems like it is.

Cursediixxxii216d ago

Warhammer Vermintide 2 deserves attention.....first one was so fun

coolastheycome216d ago

If Pokemon Switch and metroid prime 4 come out in 2018 then they top my list

Elda215d ago

On that list God of War & Code Vein.

CP_Company215d ago

Crapdown 3, thieves of sea, are you kidding me? No metro exodus, spider man, days gone, ni no kuni 2? Pfff..

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