Ghost Recon Wildlands Xbox One X Analysis

A bit of a surprise package this one - 56 per cent of extra resolution over PS4 Pro, plus a range of visual upgrades.

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Septic366d ago

Indeed. The visual upgrades are a great touch. More than just a 56% rest bump over the Pro. Nice work for the X

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DrumBeat366d ago

I'm not surprised but I'm always a little surprised when a game actually gets better textures/assets. Xbox One X really comes out on top here.

freshslicepizza366d ago

The power difference is quite real if they take the time and effort.

Obscure_Observer366d ago


"I'm not surprised but I'm always a little surprised when a game actually gets better textures/assets."

Totally Agree! X´s high resolution assets provides better image quality over the Pro´s 1440p resolution even at supersample 1080p. That´s incredible!

maybelovehate367d ago

Second game I have seen that they recommend playing the PS4 Pro version at 1080p.. Ouch. Sony really needs to step up their game.

NoPeace_Walker366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

That is why I have decided to move my OG PS4 from my entertainment center to my room and use it with my 1080p desktop monitor with my X being the only console use with my 4K HDR TV. I just can't play with anything with 1440p and below on my 4K TV anymore after the X.

Over 50% resolution bump and higher textures quality made a world of difference on my 4K TV. 👍🏼

B1uBurneR366d ago

Best of both worlds? From here on out we demand 4K or == better on the X. Devs had this system for less than a year and look at these results not bad.

I've been on the fence on purchasing this game.

kevnb366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Because digital foundry recommended the 1080p mode for wildlands?

Neonridr366d ago

@GNCFLYER - PS4 fans seemed to be doing just that at the start of this gen. When there was a lot less pixels separating the two.

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Ju366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

This is a total BS from DF. What's his name...that dude. Lately he's on the xtra roll. Why would one want to play in 1080p if you can get it much smoother on at 1440p. I never had such a thing as a 1440p game looking worse than a 1080P game on my 55". Not sure what screen he is looking at. One is a $349 console, the other $500. If that is worth your money, by all means, buy it. But at $349 it runs this game flawlessly at a higher resolution.

KionicWarlord222367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

DA X continues to give Xbox gamers swagger.

Just letting it hang low in these gaming streets and activates dat pimp walk.

strifeblade366d ago

And to think the fanboys use to say the cpu is a bottleneck we wont see a difference with the pro LOL. Love those arm chair developers

ocelot07366d ago

Ohhh wow Ghost Recon Wildlands runs at more than 30FPS on the XB1 X that amazing. What do you mean it's locked to 30FPS?

But.....I thought the CPU was not a bottleneck?

Kiwi66366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

It maybe 30fps yet its still the better console version and it goes to show what having that bit extra can do when its used

NoPeace_Walker366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

56 percent of extra resolution over PS4 Pro, plus a range of visual upgrades pulled over from the PC version on the X. The Pro is bottleneck on 4K TVs with it's weak GPU and the same anount of ram as the OG PS4.

Ju366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

^^ Yes, but it is't. That's the point. Of course it renders more, and yet another game which has 0 fps advantages over the Pro. The rest as expected.

It's nowehere near Slim PS4 vs. XO where we indeed see 3-5fps difference (on top of resolution). It ain't so. Well, the XO would be a great 720p console, indeed.

strifeblade366d ago

ocelot im not sure you understand what what a bottleneck is. It means the cpu limits other far better components in the xbox to reach better performances. this version far and away strips the ps4 pro version. big time, while most use to say there wouldnt be a need for all the x hardware on that cpu and now we see all the differences in the world. Happy holidays.

ocelot07365d ago

@strifeblade but I do understand what a bottleneck is. It's a component that restricts a system from achieving a better performance. In the case of the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro. That would be the CPU the crappy Jaguar processor. It's what restricts open world games from solid 60FPS framerate. Why do you think the likes of Assassin's Creed Origins is only 30FPS on both X and Pro? Both machines have the GPU power. But lacks the processing power.

If both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X has a better CPU let's say a Ryzen 1500. 30FPS would be a thing of the past. Both would be amazing consoles. But they don't and both are just poor mid cycle upgrades.

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ocelot07366d ago (Edited 366d ago )


Yet most people probably don't care about the 56 percent extra resolution. If they lowered the resolution and went for 60FPS instead then I would be impressed. Can't see many people going from a PS4 or a PS4 Pro or even the XB1s/og if that's the only advantage these games are going to have over a PS4/XB1s.


Yer and? The PS4 Slim has a 33% extra resolution over the Xbox One. The Xbox One is a bottleneck to 1080p TV's with it's weak GPU. It's all an embarrassment as a games console. With no exclusives being released on it or the X. You make it sound like it's a bad thing to be a PS4 Pro/Slim owner. What about the poor people with the XB1s and OG? You know the consoles am willing to be 97% Xbox One owners have.

NoPeace_Walker366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

"What about the poor people with the XB1s and OG? You know the consoles am willing to be 97% Xbox One owners have."

OK...but I have an X and a 4K TV, so I'm all good. 🤗👍🏼

One thing too, those 97% of OG Xbox One owners have the option of running their ENTIRE library of invested games (XB1, BC X360) and accessories to the best console for 4K if they decide to do so, win the lottery, or found one in the street.....

....while, 100% of PS4 owners (rich or poor, it don't matter) will have to settle for inferior ports (as seen here and every DF comparison) of their invested games...doesn't matter if they decide to stay with their current OG console or decide to upgrade to 4K.

That is the difference. 👍🏼

Death366d ago

It’s awesome that you dismiss the difference between Pro and X as just some pixels and then try to make it seem like PS4 and Xbox One are worlds apart from each other...

ocelot07366d ago

@NoPeace_Walker I have a PC and play it at 60FPS as well as Microsoft first party games again what's your point? Thing is I am willing to bet most PS4 owners bought a PS4 OG to play games not resolution. Or most of them have one simply to play the vast amount of exclusives.

@Death am not saying there is a massive difference between PS4 OG and Xbox One OG. At launch yer the slight power difference was probably used as a selling point. Mostly due to the PS4 being cheaper than the less powerful Xbox One.

Plus this is only my opinion. The difference between 4K and say 1440p is not a massive difference. I have been playing games at 4K 60FPS on PC for 12 months now. Sure their is a difference but not £150 difference again in my opinion. Certainly not the £500 difference between my PC and PS4 Pro. But at least with the PC I can play at 60FPS. For example Fortnite BR I have been playing a tone of that lately. Yer the PC version looks better but not worlds apart difference. The major difference is the framerate and it's why I play it on PC more than PS4.

Am simply not impressed with the XB1x. Or the PS4 Pro for that matter. Am far more impressed how a PS4 OG and slim can play a game that looks so good like Horizon Zero Dawn and not explode.

dreue366d ago

dude dont wast time with NoPeace_Walker.....he brags on that the X is the true console,but guess what,games are on ya stay with your x and we stay where the games are...

CoryHG366d ago

Every xboner fanboy is just trying to justify their purchase or their eventual purchase. Unless you're face is planted on the screen, won't make that much of a difference.

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CoryHG366d ago

Do you guys even have an announced game in 2018? M$ clearly has the edge on multiplats but all of you make it out to be that these games look like garbage on ps4 now when they clearly don't, and recon looks amazing.

strifeblade366d ago

makes a pretty big difference in my book- i have a 4k 930 series with hdr 65 inch from sony- sit within 8 feet, 4k blu rays with a premium atmos sound system, all of which the x supports, and this isnt a strict reolution difference similar to the base ps4 and xbox one where it was 800 vs 1080, now its 1400 vs 4k or 1800, with massive boost in high res textures due to the ram which pro titles will never see.

For a premium setup- im glad the x takes every adavantage of it.

CoryHG365d ago

but you own a sony tv?

CoryHG365d ago

i'm sorry. i shelled out for the pro, i don't see the point in shelling out for the X just play games at slightly higher performance on both platforms. sony gets the games. i don't care for forza, gears, or halo anymore. come out with something innovative that'll hook me. Not to mention, i have a gaming pc. It's going to take something jawdropping and scalebound might have been it (even though it seemed like a dmc ripoff). Bring me Steel Batallion or wrap up a license like castlevania and yeah i'll budge.

timotim366d ago

Grabbed this game during the Black Friday sale to play in Beast Mode. Just waiting for the rest of my squad to get it so we can get some co-op action going.