Screenshots of PUBG on Xbox One X Show Decent Graphics

Screenshots of PUBG on Xbox One X Show Decent Graphics that should make you confident about the purchase on the system.

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DJStotty367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Blue Hole have already stated the game runs at 30FPS on the Xbox one X not 60FPS as stated in the article

Neonridr367d ago

yep, not sure what they are on about in this article.

darthv72366d ago

Considering i don't have a PC that can run this game... I'm gonna stick with the xbo version it will run the same as any other xbo or xbo s / x users out there.

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Smokingunz367d ago

Well of course, duh, it can run in 60 that was the original resolution but Microsoft felt that people with the of model would be left out, u can't have 60fps vs 30 fps that wouldn't work so don't go thinking it cannot play in 60 fps on the x, save that talk for the ps4 pro

TFJWM366d ago

So your saying they just left the same graphic setting as if the game was running at 60fps and did nothing with the extra power?

Krysis366d ago

P.C is all over the place when it comes to FPS

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SierraGuy366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Oh this little 5.2GB game can't play at 60 fps on Pro?! Are you on glue? Not too sharp.

DJStotty365d ago


5.2gb is for one map. not a full game and in game preview. updates will get larger as the game progresses and is optomised.

FYI Rise of the tomb raider is only a 25gb download with 4K assets on my X sooooo...

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tontontam0366d ago

Console fanboys have no idea how cpu and gpu works,

I think xbox one x can hit 60fps but due to its cpu during intense fights fps will drop below 60 so for the devs it is a better choice to cap it at 30.

even if you lower the graphics to 480p the cpu will not be able to maintain 60fps.

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Septic367d ago

Wow that looks really good! PubG is a bit of an unoptimised mess on PC so I wonder how this will perform in X

Kribwalker367d ago

they said they were able to run it at 40fps right now but they’ve locked it to 30 for now so it should run decently

Sm00thNinja367d ago

The game was running at 60 fps on the Xbox One X and between 35 and 40 on the Xbox last I read

Gaming_Cousin367d ago

@Ninja did you read that over at

EddieT367d ago

From the streams I've seen it drops well below 30fps too, even on the X.

Prince-Ali367d ago


Where the HELL did you read that!!? loool it's 30FPS across all Xbox consoles you fool lool

ULTp0ltergeist367d ago

^ Streams are unreliable also any source on this stream?

@Gaming_Cousin It was obviously announced by the devs themselves speficially X is running at 60fps but obviously still in early access and for partiy and stability sake no doubt they'll test it at 30. So X can achieve 60fps by the time PUBG is retail.

mark_parch367d ago

actually they said it was running at 40fps on xbox one s they have it running at 60fps on the x but imo microsoft stuck their nose in and fucked shit up like usual

mark_parch367d ago

it can run at 60fps on xbox one x.

Ashlen367d ago

While I previously stated PUBG would run at higher FPS at XGP launch on 12/12, I want to clarify that PUBG will run at 30 FPS across all @Xbox One devices. We’re constantly refining the game & exploring options to increase FPS, but this early in dev, we’re unable to confirm more.

jagermaster619367d ago

@ Ninja I've heard the same thing.

KillBill366d ago

Nope, Devs stated that they had gotten it to run at 60fps on XB1X and that it was running near 40fps on XB1. They are launching on Xbox Game Preview initially at 30fps on all systems and will continue to work on optimizing the game while in the preview program.

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TankCrossing367d ago

Apparently they had some of the tech guys from the Coalition step in to help out. I'm not sure how much they have been able to do to rescue a game stitched together from store-bought assets and textures, but if anyone knows how to get the One and X singing it is surely them.

Unreal01367d ago

30fps is not good enough.

Septic367d ago

You must solely be a PC gamer with those standards

Unreal01367d ago (Edited 367d ago )


PS4 and PC. I can't play Pubg at anything less than 60fps, but I understand you would probably be happy with 30fps. That goes for shooters in general.

And I play my RPG games on PS4, which 30fps is adequate.

KillBill366d ago

Tell that to the millions of GTA V players on console that play at 30fps.

mysterym366d ago

I guess you can't play uncharted or all the other 30fps ps4 games anymore.

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mellkor366d ago Show
SierraGuy366d ago

Let's play a real shooter COD.

tee_bag242366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Runs fine on PC now. It's been that way for months now. It uses a lot of CPU horsepower. I'm getting stable 100+ fps at 1440p max settings . About 6 months ago it ran like a dog though on the same PC.

jukins366d ago

Anyone who's saying the devs stated it was running at 60 fps have a link?

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gangsta_red367d ago

It wasn't a graphical masterpiece on PC to begin with.

PlayableGamez-367d ago

I personally think the graphics loom good on PC max settings. Its the performance that is ase right now.

Bigpappy367d ago

Looks fantastic on my cell phone


I mean yeah, it does not look bad. X1X can run Battlefield and Battlefront @ 4k 60 with PC high settings and both of those titles look better than PUBG, It all comes down to engine optimization in the end.

SierraGuy366d ago

Yeah I'm not sure what the issue is my og PS4 would run this at 60fps.

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mafiahajeri367d ago

Yeah been trying it out on PC with my Xbox one controller, good stuff.

Father__Merrin367d ago

It's great it's got controller support. I'm playing hizi at the moment and controller support is rubbish

mafiahajeri367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Well it's not perfect TBH and PC players are gonna rip and tear anybody playing with a controller. So the one version is the way to go if you want to play with a controller.

It's also hack ridden so there's that to lol.

KwietStorm367d ago

hizi? Does that mean H1Z1?

mafiahajeri367d ago

@kwietstorm LMAO I was thinking the same thing.

Jinger367d ago

Looks a lot better than I was expecting