Batman, Mass Effect, and Other Great Games I'll Never Finish

Some games, while considered great by many, never fully appeal to certain people. TPB writer Sam Martinelli breaks down the best games he'll never finish.

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Zer0Flinch284d ago

The new mass effect was a stunningly bad game actually. You’re better off not wasting your time.

Parasyte284d ago

Better off playing the original trilogy

stefan_771284d ago

This article is about Mass Effect 2

Zer0Flinch284d ago

Yeah that’s why I specified “the new”. These people all down voting me, THEY CANCELLED THE DLC. That’s how bad it was people! They looked at all you sheep willing to throw them money and they said nah.

Tross284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Good for you I guess? I think you're missing out but whatever. You're welcome to be a hipster, but what exactly is the point of this article?

giovonni284d ago

Mass effect and Batman were ok, the endings weren't special enough to even warrant a finish. To be honest, I had to force myself to complete those games, same for Assassin's Creed Origins... that's just me though

KTF26284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Tanks in BAK wasn't that bad
but once I realized how tedious the Excavator is I quit the game
I didn't even try

They should put this fight in developer's guide "how to not make a boss fight"
bad completely unnecessary out of place fight
it doesn't even have any significance to the story
and worst I'm forced to use the batmobile after having "batmobile fatigue"

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