PUBG Xbox One Download Size Revealed; Unlocked in New Zealand but Servers Still In Maintenance

The PUBG Xbox One download size has been revealed through the official Microsoft Store, and clocks in at only 5.24GB.

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lxeasy251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

5.24 gb is not bad at all

Lola___251d ago

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BadElf251d ago

Oh nice. Won't be sitting for 10 hours for loading then....just 3 hours!

AmstradAmiga251d ago

Heck, only take 20-30 mins for me. Where are you...the moon?

BadElf251d ago could say that!

C-H-E-F250d ago

6x as much? no, When you go to the store and look at Battlefield 1 it says it's 45gb but after all of the patches are installed the game is like 120gb. So please don't be fooled if you don't have the space make the space it should be around the same size as the PC version.