GamersPlatform: Mega Man 9 Review

Zach Potts writes:

"Mega Man 9 gets a 9. The platforming is superb, but very frustrating, and the level design is top notch, although some what cheap the first time you play each level, getting killed by doing things everyone would do, and the designers took advantage of this fact to screw each and everyone over. However, once you play through the level a few times, you start getting good, and it is a good feeling to get through the thing without dying. The weapons are all pretty cool and fun to play around with and with the inclusion of challenges, you'll be playing this game for some time to come."

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Steve Urkel3566d ago

I can see that the reviewer is good at math... /sarcasm

STORY – 4/10
GAMEPLAY – 7.5/10
GRAPHICS – 7.5/10
MUSIC – 7.5/10

OVERALL – 9/10

3 7.5's and a 4, yeah that totally averages out to a 9.