TeamXbox: The New Xbox Live Experience Preview

TeamXbox writes: "Microsoft really came out swinging at this year's Tokyo Game Show. More details and a title for the new game in the Halo series, Halo 3: Recon. The news that Tekken 6 will be headed to the system. Big XBLA titles in the pipe like Metal Slug and a Space Invaders remake. But the thing that really hits at the core of what it's like to be an Xbox 360 gamer – something that not enough Japanese gamers are enjoying – is the redesign of the Xbox Live interface.

Though it has been revealed before and laid out in some detail, this year's TGS was our first real opportunity to see the Xbox Live redesign, also referred to as the New Xbox Live Experience, up close and personal. After getting a demo direct from Xbox Live Group Manager Aaron Greenberg, we can tell that the redesign is far more than just a cosmetic face lift, but there are some aspects to it we're still feeling a bit conflicted about. Namely those avatars."

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