One Piece: World Seeker for PS4 Officially Announced with First Screenshots and Art

Bandai Namco has officially revealed the first screenshots of One Piece: World Seeker for PS4, that had been previously teased as Project Dawn.

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gangsta_red370d ago

Nice, this is like the first Naruto game for the 360 which was open world. I do love me some One Piece ... When they are moving the story and not taking 12 episodes to run across a hallway.

SinisterKieran370d ago

as long as it follows the story of the anime or manga itll be good.
but i don't like filler stories.

thatguyhayat370d ago

Cool as long as its nothing like the previous naruto style fighting or jojo games i'll be happy but then again im a huge one piece fan so im gonna buy it anyway

persona4chie370d ago

Just in case anyone was curious, it's also coming to Xbox One and PC

StonieWylder370d ago

It's not "unlikely" it was straight up confirmed to be coming to both Xbox and PC by the devs.

Abriael370d ago

It's coming to Xbox and PC for the west. This article was about Japan.

chaos-emeralds370d ago

Ok that's cool. Normally the Xbox is left out with these sort of games. Burning blood released not to long ago for ps4, so wrongly assumed. My bad.