Street Fighter V's Next Playable Character Is Sakura; Blanka, Sagat, Cody, Falke, and G Announced

Capcom announced a batch of new characters for Street Fighter V, including three returning ones, and two newcomers; Sakura certainly has grown.

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RAM0N 341d ago

I can't wait to pick up Sagat.

Abriael341d ago

Unfortunately, he seems to be coming last.

RAM0N 341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Suck's but I'll do just fine with Ed in the meantime.

NewMonday341d ago

Blanka and Sagat are my favorites

Silly gameAr340d ago

Saving the best for last imo.

Lexreborn2341d ago

I’m ready for Cody, and I’m playing ED now as well. It’s funny not having a main that I really enjoyed I’ve gotten to platinum. When I have my main Cody again I’m going Diamond

341d ago
Majin-vegeta341d ago

Waits for the inevitable *Tiger shot*spamming online😢

341d ago
I_am_Batman341d ago

Watched it live after an amazing Capcom Cup. I'm so hyped for season 3. Sakura and Sagat were to be expected but it's nice to have it confirmed finally. Sakura gameplay looks great. I'm so happy that Blanka is returning. He's always been one of my favorites. Can't wait to see how they've changed him for 5. Cody's redisign and the two new characters look cool too.

Well done Capcom.

gangsta_red341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Not a fan of the new SF but I am definitely more than curious to see how Cody and Sagat play.

I am also glad Capcom announced the new characters all at once this time instead of having us wait months just to reveal one character.

gangsta_red341d ago

Also I wonder if G will be related to Q in any way??

Max-Zorin341d ago

Your disagrees = Number of people here that would unplug your life support and charge their phone

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The story is too old to be commented.