Keeping it Safe for Everyone: SOMA’s new ‘Safe Mode’

PC Aficionado: "I applaud Frictional for wanting to do it right, for trying to bring more people into the fold. I really hope it works out for them. For those of you that waited for it, I hope it gives you a glimpse into what makes their games great. For everyone else, I hope you can understand that Frictional is a business, and a business needs money to survive. If you want to play the next SOMA, ease up on the vitriol. Instead, think of “Safe Mode” players like your little brother – just wanting to play too."

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Hardiman370d ago

Love this game! The atmosphere is so on point! Just a creepy little gem!

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opinionated370d ago

Every game should have a safe mode aka journalist hack mode.

SlyBoogie1993368d ago

I personally think SOMA's safe mode would have been good if they had removed the enemy entirely, the game is genereally creepy thanks to the story and the situation and it would have given a different feel to it. That said, i wouldn't play it in safe mode anyway due to preferring it the usual way