PlayStation VR Exclusive Golem Returns with New Gameplay; Release Date Announced

After two years under the radar, Highwire Games returns under the spotlight with its Golem for PlayStation VR, coming March 13th, 2018.

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JaguarEvolved343d ago

Buying this day one for psvr. I remember a lot of peoplsaying psvr was rubbish but after trying it I believe vr is the future. It's so much more immersive

mafiahajeri342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Nice to see you now believe in the product after trying it.

Its sad actually, you would think it was people who werent gamers bashing PSVR. People calling it a gimmick or a waste of time.

I find it really pathetic when these pricks bash PSVR without even trying it. If you dont like PSVR F off and spread your negative BS somewhere else, or at least try it before giving an opinion.

Theyre tring so hard to form this consensus that PSVR is a failure. Was the same for the Vita.

The biggest bitch slap to their faces is all this support and sales.

OT: I love the sword mechanics in this game, the way you block and attack. Looks really addictive.

JaguarEvolved342d ago

I recently bought a ps4 because I'm mostly a pc gamer but I must say it has surprised me in a few ways with the psvr. I thought the ps4 graphics would be worse than it is and thought the system wouldn't be powerful enough to do any proper game above ps2 quality. I must say the psvr is flipping amazing and even though some games aren't horizon zero dawn level of detail there are a lot of games that look really nice graphically. There a re a lot more games I want to try out for psvr and there are a lot more I can't wait to get released next year. I really wasnt very much into the psvr but I must say it has been the best thing for video games in a long time.

Relientk77342d ago

This is one of the games that make me want PS VR